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IPSMF-Danamojo Webinar on Retail Fundraising

IPSMF-Danamojo Webinar on Retail Fundraising
(Oct 13, 2023)

IPSMF hosted a webinar on Retail Fundraising for Non-Profit Digital Media in collaboration with Danamojo, a payment solutions platform on October 13, 2023. The Webinar brought together an exclusive group of more than 35 participants from the non-profit independent and digital media, including the Foundation’s grantees. The session focused on the transformative potential of individual philanthropy and how media organisations can harness it to drive their sustainability forward.


The well-attended Webinar was an “eye-opener” to participants hailing from non-profit media organisations. They were keen on seeking to diversify their revenue streams and maximise the potential of individual givers.

Vinod Shirsat, Editor, Saptahik Sadhana, said the session was “very helpful and a real learning experience” and that they had signed up for Danamojo’s “services and guidance” at the first instance.

Smarinita Shetty, Founder of India Development Review (IDR), said that the Webinar induced them to think through various forms of fundraising from different revenue pipelines. “The segment around ‘everyday giving’ was particularly useful since it is a channel we want to build out actively. The insights on how to engage, retain and nurture givers also seemed very practical and actionable. The Webinar gave us the confidence that we would be able to do this effectively.”

IPSMF-Alt News Workshop on Fact-Checking

IPSMF – Down To Earth Workshop on Environmental Reporting
(March 12, 2022)

IPSMF, in association with Down To Earth (DTE), organised ‘Greening the Pen’ – an online workshop on environmental reporting on March 12, 2022, exclusively for the Foundation’s grantees. The workshop was attended by 35 journalists from 23 grantees and was divided into five sessions in an interactive classroom mode. Richard Mahapatra, Managing Editor, DTE; Kiran Pandey, Programme Director at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE); Rajit Sengupta, Senior Assistant Editor, DTE; and Akshit Sangomla, Senior Reporter, DTE, handled the sessions, highlighting why climate change reporting is a critical aspect and how to report such stories through data and visuals.

IPSMF-Alt News Workshop on Fact-Checking

IPSMF-DAKSH Workshop on Justice System Journalism
(Sept 24, 2021)

IPSMF, in association with DAKSH, a civil society organisation that undertakes research aimed at promoting accountability and better governance in India, conducted an online workshop on “Justice System Journalism”, exclusively for the Foundation’s grantees. Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Justice Madan Lokur, graciously accepted our invitation to lead a session on Judicial Reforms at the Workshop.

The Workshop was attended by 27 journalists from the Foundation’s 21 grantees. The one-day Workshop, spread across four interactive sessions in the classroom mode, dealt with i) introduction to the Indian legal system, ii) fair and accurate reporting on the justice system, iii) overview of judicial reforms and iv) court reporting in the new normal – challenges and responses.

IPSMF-Alt News Workshop on Fact-Checking

IPSMF-Alt News Workshop on Fact-Checking
(June 24-25, 2021)

IPSMF, in association with fact-checker Alt News, organised a two-day fact-checking workshop on June 24-25, 2021, exclusively for the Foundation’s grantees. Conducted online by Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha and colleague Jignesh Patel, and attended by 42 journalists from 16 grantee media, the workshop was remarkably intense interactive with vigorous participation.

Participants received hands-on training on various aspects of addressing/combating misinformation. The exercise focused on tools that journalists can use to verify information or images. Besides, the participants learnt how newsrooms can stay safe online from unauthorised attempts to access data as well as protect their privacy. Exercises on the need for safely and securely archiving web content were also conducted.


“What I really liked about the Workshop was the hands-on exercises, the resources identified and training we received. This will make EastMojo more equipped to protect its credibility. This is a learning that I would want my team to inculcate.” Karma Paljor I Co-founder, EastMojo

“The sessions comprehensively covered various aspects of digital fact-checking. I think the format used worked out so well including the mini exercises within the formats in real-time.” Gayeti Singh I Associate Editor, The Citizen

“While we all consume information, we don’t necessarily check and verify it. This workshop was an eye-opener and enabled me to understand that misinformation can be rendered harmless if we know how to pick it out. I am glad I had the chance to learn new skills, techniques, and even imbibe the additional sense to spot the difference between truth and lies.” Shiralie Chaturvedi I Digital Head, Mojo Story

IPSMF – Panel Discussion on ‘The future of News Media & The Role of Independent Media’

‘Funding Independent Media’, a presentation by CEO Sunil Rajshekhar on the activities of the Independent And Public-Spirited Media Foundation (IPSMF) on October 25, 2019, at the BIC, Bengaluru.

IPSMF provides financial support and seeks to mentor digital-media entities in creating and disseminating public-interest information borne out of serious and independent journalism.