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Mohammed Zubair, the co-founder of Alt News, was jailed recently by the Delhi and UP Police for allegedly “hurting religious sentiments”. Subsequently, the Supreme Court not only provided bail to Zubair in all the cases but also reprimanded the police for trapping him “in a vicious cycle of criminal process where the process itself has become the punishment”. The News Minute speaks to the Alt News co-founder on his incarceration.

The recent arrest of journalists like Zubair for red flagging hate and bigotry has been attributed to an effort to clamp down on dissent and create a “chilling effect” on others in the profession.

However, now, ordinary citizens and groups are also stepping up to document, fight and flag sectarian improprieties. Article 14 chronicles the efforts of a bunch of such citizens and groups who at great personal risk are calling out the intolerance.

Even as a new bill to combat human trafficking is scheduled to be introduced in the ongoing session of Parliament, The Citizen looks at the state of affairs in the North East. Isolation, financial stress and dissonance between the citizens and law enforcement agencies have resulted in many childhoods being lost to rampant and unbridled trafficking.

And, India has reported 1,888 custodial deaths in the last two decades. However, only 26 policemen have paid for their crimes. In its podumentary, The Probe examines the issue of how torture, leading to custodial deaths, has been institutionalised as a tool to extract confessions and force people to incriminate themselves.

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I’m a journalist, doing what media should really be doing: Zubair speaks to TNM

The News Minute speaks to Mohammed Zubair, the co-founder of Alt News, on his incarceration and the government’s effort to subdue other journalists into silence by using his case as a warning.

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With Fact & Faith, A Growing Band Of Concerned Citizens Battles Hate Speech In India

Even as journalists are in the dock for flagging hate speech, citizens and civil society groups are doing their bit to call out bigotry, at grave personal risk. Article 14 reports.

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Lost Childhoods of the North East

The Citizen reports on the unchecked trafficking of children in the North East with the financial stress caused by the pandemic accentuating the problem.

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Custodial torture and deaths: Police reforms, need of the hour

The Probe’s latest podumentary focusses on the issue of custodial torture and deaths in India. It dwells on the pressure on the police for quick results and the side lining of the need for police reforms.

Listen Here

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