This week, the Foundation’s grantees report on a host of critical issues that have exercised the public space in the far corners of the country.

Article 14 looks at the dramatic rise in domestic violence and abuse against the backdrop of the pandemic and the shocking death of 22-year-old Vismaya in Kerala allegedly killed for dowry. The flailing economy and the pressure of forced confinement has clearly exacerbated the situation for women, bringing domestic violence to a 20-year-high.

Even as the severity of the second wave of the pandemic ebbs and the possibility of a third wave looms large, the one city which has become a model case for efficacy in the battle against Covid is Mumbai. Initially reeling under the Covid onslaught, the teeming city used science and data in its fightback. The India Forum details its decentralised approach, use of ground-up data and the bringing together of a whole range of stakeholders.

The citizens who were hurt the most during the lockdowns were migrant workers, the urban poor of our cities. As a consequence, an ‘urban MGNREGA’ has been mooted. However, Swarajya argues that more than cloning the rural employment scheme in the cities, it would be more effective to ensure subsidised social security payments, formalisation of payrolls, and wage subsidies to discourage wanton automation.

The Caravan focuses on the plight of journalists in Bihar who have been facing a severe crackdown from the government for reporting on its inadequacies since the advent of the pandemic. At least ten journalists have been charged with serious crimes, including criminal conspiracy and extortion.

The characterisation of a legislator from the Northeast as “Chinese” by a YouTuber two weeks ago and the recent and mysterious deaths of two residents of Nagaland in Gurgaon raised questions about the continued discrimination against citizens from the region and created a storm on social media. Imphal Free Press emphasises that we need to go beyond the existing social and legal counter-measures. For a start, it advocates – a chapter about the Northeast be made a part of the mainstream school curriculum in India.

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Sunil Rajshekhar

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The Silent Pandemic Of Violence Against India’s Women

The death of a 22-year-old in Kerala after spousal abuse reveals the severity of domestic violence and abuse that women face in India, of which only 1 per cent are formally reported. Article 14 explains.

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Learning from the Mumbai Model

The Covid positivity rate has declined substantially in Mumbai to 1.6 % this week, with just 24 deaths reported on July 4, a far cry from the alarming numbers it was clocking in the initial phase of the second wave. The India Forum reports that the city’s strategy for success involved the extensive use of data and threading together of stakeholders.

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An Urban MGNREGA Need Not Be A Boondoggle Like The Rural One

Swarajya delineates why instead of direct wages to the urban poor, equivalent of MGNREGA, the government needs to concentrate on building a subsidised social security net, formalising labour and providing wage subsidies to discourage lay-offs due to intervention of technology.

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We’re targeted for exposing government mismanagement: Journalists on Bihar media crackdown

The Caravan reports on the state of journalists in Bihar who are facing the brunt of the government’s severe backlash against their reporting. “We have seen nothing like this”, they say.

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#NorthEastMatters: Beyond the Twitter trend!

Imphal Free Press calls for going beyond the legal and social measures to combat discrimination against the citizens from the Northeast region in other parts of India. Early sensitisation and orientation to the region’s people and culture, it says, is the key.

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