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The recent fire at the massive Brahmapuram waste management plant in Kochi, Kerala, spewed chemicals and pollutants and threatened to choke the city. In a two-part series, Keraleeyam Masika deep dives into how unregulated dumping of waste, flouting of norms and the state’s shift away from decentralised waste management led to this eventuality.

Yesterday, in response to petitions seeking to legalise same-sex marriages in India, the Supreme Court termed the plea an “issue of seminal importance”, with far-reaching implications for society, and posted the case for hearing by a five-judge constitution bench on April 18. Mojo Story discusses the intricacies of the issue, and what the outcome in the Court will mean for individual freedoms in India.

During the past few months, vitriolic statements by political leaders, outright fake videos of purported violence, and their amplification by the parties, against non-Tamil speaking migrants in Tamil Nadu, created panic and fear. ThePrint reports on how stray incidents were used for gaslighting the migrants.

And, The File, based on an RTI application, has uncovered a report by the Karnataka Biodiversity Board, under the state’s own Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment, which reveals encroachment of forest land in Karnataka to the tune of 612 acres. These alleged intrusions are spread across the two districts of Chikkamagaluru and Shivamogga during the Covid lockdown in 2021.

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ബ്രഹ്മപുരത്തെ തീ അണയ്ക്കാൻ ഫയർ എഞ്ചിനുകൾക്കാവില്ല

Keraleeyam Masika dwells on how poor waste management, violation of rules and mindless policies have led to the fire at the Brahmapuram waste management plant in Kerala’s Kochi, resulting in the release of toxic fumes and pollutants over the city.

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"What about the Child?" - Modi government opposes Same Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court has ordered that a five-judge constitution bench hear the plea for legalising same-sex marriages in India on April 18. Mojo Story talks to the petitioners, lawyers and rights activists to understand the issues involved.

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Tamils and Biharis aren’t fighting. Something else is fuelling the fear and fury

Fear and panic were created among non-Tamil-speaking migrants in Tamil Nadu after several videos and stories – fake and dubious - were circulated on social media. ThePrint reports from the state on the ugly turn of events.

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ಲಾಕ್‌ಡೌನ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ 612 ಎಕರೆ ಅರಣ್ಯ ಪ್ರದೇಶ ಅತಿಕ್ರಮಣ; ಮುಚ್ಚಿಟ್ಟಿದ್ದ ವರದಿ ಹೊರತೆಗೆದ ‘ದಿ ಫೈಲ್‌

The File finds evidence, from the government’s own records, through an RTI, that more than 600 acres of Karnataka’s forests were encroached during the pandemic lockdown.

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