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As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues unabated, the Ukrainian leadership cannot be faulted for feeling a pang of remorse. In 1994, Ukraine gave up its nuclear deterrence in the face of security guarantees by the US, Europe and Russia!

ThePrint asks if Russia would have so brazenly barged into Ukraine if it still had its nuclear stockpile. This will also make nations like North Korea, Israel and Iran resolve to never forsake their undeclared nuclear capability. On its part, India must be reflecting on its ‘fortuitous’ decision to go nuclear decades ago despite moral questions and global pressures.

The Ukraine imbroglio has also drawn attention to the plight of thousands of Indian medical students in that country and raised questions about why students from India are forced to go abroad for acquiring a medical degree. Swarajya examines the reason why and looks at what needs to be done to remedy the situation.

The government’s recent clampdown on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), especially on its capacity to access foreign funding, has been unprecedented in India’s history. The inability of some CSOs to up their governance performance in line with corporate standards has been construed as abdicating responsibility in spending of funds and sound management. The India Forum analyses the implications.

Five premier institutions in India dealing with the environment and forests, including the Wildlife Institute of India, were “disengaged” from the Union Ministry of Environment. The Bastion focuses on how this “financial and administrative” divorce has affected the funding and functioning of these establishments.

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Why Buddha would be frowning at Ukraine today, and why India got it right with Pokhran 1 and 2

ThePrint looks at the lessons the Russian assault on Ukraine tells the world. For those nations who look to formal security umbrellas of big nations, the assault on Ukraine, and the Big Powers’ relative impotence in intervening, is likely to be a moment of truth.

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Why Indian Medical Students Are Forced To Study Abroad And How Good Policies Can Change The Situation

The plight of Indian students caught up in the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begged the question of why India cannot provide enough medical colleges to those with merit and the inclination to study to become doctors. Swarajya analyses the state of medical education in India.

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Emerging Challenges for Civil Society Organisations

The stringent measures put in place on CSOs by the government – to erode access to foreign funds, tightening of rules on CSR spending and hardening of income tax laws – have meant difficulties in accessing both foreign and domestic funds, says The India Forum.

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Budget Cuts for Five of India’s Environment Institutes Puts Research and Education in Jeopardy

The Bastion analyses how the government’s washing its hands off five leading institutions has impacted research and education on wildlife and conservation in India.

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