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Three years after 53 people were killed in the Delhi riots, the inevitable is upon us. Hindus and Muslims are migrating to ghettos of their own communities, ‘single-faith’ sanctuaries, reinforcing suspicions of each other and hardening communal stereotypes. ThePrint reports from Seelampur and Mustafabad in the national capital to bring home the tragic aftermath.

The Dom community in Varanasi have been traditionally the cremators of the dead for generations – the liberators of the soul. However, Janchowk, reports, how this community has been unable to break the shackles of the caste system which mires them in discrimination, neglect and poverty.

The Indian judicial system is severely lagging in meeting citizens’ aspirations for transparent and speedy justice. Now, the Supreme Court of India has begun to leverage technology to drive steam through the system. Just recently, CJI D Y Chandrachud launched the ‘live transcription’ of Constitutional bench proceedings through the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Supreme Court Observer looks at AI innovations in law globally.

And, Mojo Story talks to six-time National Badminton Champion and Arjuna Awardee Damayanti Vijay Tambay who ‘lost’ her husband Flt Lt Vijay Tambay in the 1971 war with Pakistan. With intermittent signs that he was still alive and incarcerated in a Pakistan gaol, she has been looking and waiting for him, for fifty long years.

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2020 riots changing Delhi. Muslims, Hindus leaving old neighbourhoods, moving to ghettos

The Delhi riots of 2020 are fuelling changes in the capital in fundamental ways. As ThePrint reports, ghettoization, single-religion colonies and fear are being played out in parts of the Delhi streets.

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वाराणसी से ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट: ‘लोग हमारा छुआ पानी तक नहीं पीते और हम ही उन्हें दे रहे सदियों से मोक्ष’

Janchowk ground reports from Varanasi on the casteism and the neglect faced by the Dom community, the keepers of the cremation grounds in the ghats of the ancient city.

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AI and the Law: A New Era in the Justice System?

With the Supreme Court of India launching an AI-aided initiative – live transcription of Constitution Bench proceedings recently – the Supreme Court Observer looks at how the courts in other countries have looked at the interplay between law and AI.

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India-Pakistan War & A Love Story - A Woman's 50 year hunt for her husband

Damayanti Vijay Tambay has been looking for her husband, a Flight Lieutenant with the Indian Air Force, who has been ‘missing in action’ since the 1971 war with Pakistan, for five long decades. Mojo Story talks to the Arjuna Awardee and six-time national badminton champion on love and loss.

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