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The ChatGPT is considered a giant technological leap forward in the use of artificial intelligence to mimic humans in its responses to searches and queries. This is slated to, amongst others, deepen access to information, automate routine tasks and transform teaching and learning processes.

In a fascinating interview by The India Forum, ChatGPT tells us, in its own words, how it does what it does, its strengths, and also its inability to carry out deductive reasoning. However, the writer points out that the lure of the chatbots’ seeming sophistication and ‘surface coherence’ can also be hazardous. For instance, the inability to reflect a deeper understanding of concepts.

Making the courts and their proceedings more accessible to the citizens by switching from English to local languages has been a long-felt need. Now, the courts in Haryana are on the cusp of the switch from English to Hindi come April 1. But, as ThePrint reports, the state has its task cut out – retraining the court staff, conducting language orientation for lawyers and preparing the judges for their verdict in Hindi.

Community radio stations have been making a difference in the life of specific communities they serve – citizens in the hinterland, fishers, ethnic minorities, and tribals, amongst others, by taking up issues germane to them. However, as The Citizen reports, they are struggling for sustenance, with insignificant potential for commercial earnings and virtually no support from the government.

Two decades ago, Kerala’s Muthanga, in Wayanad, saw what is considered one of the starkest misuses of state power to put down an agitation by the Adivasis, for simply demanding rights to the land they were living on. TrueCopy Think retells the events, which set back tribal rights in the state for years.

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ChatGPT Interviewed: 'My Strengths and My Limits'

ChatGPT is a great technological innovation, but The India Forum points out that a certain amount of scepticism before using and accepting the information churned out is not only desirable but essential.

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Haryana is hurrying to make courts Hindi-only. Some things are getting lost in translation

Haryana is frantically clearing the decks to enable Hindi in its court proceedings and verdicts from the first day of April. ThePrint brings you the intricacies and challenges involved in the move.

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Breaking Radio Silence

While community radio stations have grown to almost 370 in India, and have had a real impact on the communities they serve, their sustainability and longevity are in question. The Citizen analyses.

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മുത്തങ്ങ ചരിത്രത്തില്‍ എങ്ങിനെയാണ് അടയാളപ്പെടേണ്ടത്?

It has been two decades since the Muthanga agitation in Kerala’s Wayanad – one of the most repressive uses of state machinery against the marginalised tribals in the state. TrueCopy Think looks back at the events and their impact over the years.

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