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The Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, founded by Mahatma Gandhi, where he spent 13 years of his life, is a sacred shrine. In its austere but graceful simplicity, it is a tribute to the Mahatma and to the memory of the millions of freedom fighters who gave India its freedom.

Now, however, as The Caravan chronicles, the government’s recent efforts to "redevelop” the Ashram to “international standards” at the cost of Rs 1,200 crore, have raised hackles. The fear among the trustees, and echoed by the Mahatma’s grandson Tushar Gandhi, who intervened with the Supreme Court against the move, is that it will destroy its “ancient character” forever through “arrogance and commercialisation.”

India’s almost broken credit culture is no secret. In less than a decade, public sector banks have been forced to write off nearly ten trillion rupees as uncollectible receivables. The India Forum argues that this public funding of defaulters should stop, and the CAG, and even the Supreme Court, should intervene.

The Probe reports from Lucknow, in UP, on the struggles of Female Sex Workers (FSW) -- a tragic tale of abuse, domestic violence, disappearances and murder. A situation that they are keen to change through forming networks and organising themselves but are finding the going tough.

Cases in Indian courts have rightly earned a reputation for being long and winded – taking years, if not decades, to conclude. Just recently, the Supreme Court turned this lore on its head by concluding the hearings in a case in eight days flat. Supreme Court Observer tells you how the apex court bucked the trend in this case.

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कार्य प्रगति पर है!

The Caravan reports that the quest to redevelop Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram by the government has raised fears that its character and simplicity will be lost forever.

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Freebie Capitalism

The India Forum argues that the practice of bailing out large borrowers of NPAs has to be weeded out. And, if need be, the CAG and the courts should intervene.

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An Effort to Unionise & Their Many Woes: Lives of Sex Workers of Lucknow

Faced with discrimination, violence and trauma the sex workers of Lucknow are trying to organise themselves to fight a better fight, The Probe reports.

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Buried in Words: Supreme Court Struggles with Long Submissions

Supreme Court Observer reports on how a five-judge bench at the Apex Court concluded hearings in eight days in a case challenging reservations for the Economically Weaker Sections. It tells us how this was achieved.

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