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Last week, on April 6, the Centre notified the IT Amendment Rules, 2023, which has serious implications and a chilling effect on media freedom in India.

MediaNama analyses the amendment which grants the government omnibus powers to decide what constitutes facts or fake news, through its own fact-checking mechanism, and empowers it to order social media platforms, internet providers and intermediaries to remove content that government considers “fake”, “false” or “misleading”. This is in clear violation, the story points out, of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Shreya Singhal case in 2013 which laid down strict procedures for blocking content.

The Northeast of India, once saddled with insurgency, ethnic conflicts and neglect is witnessing a newfound love – a rash of quality scholarship on the seven states – on its culture, its history and ecology. ThePrint reports from the Northeast on how this buzz and burst of academic energy has even the premier academic institutions interested, including the likes of Harvard University and the IITs.

The debate on how to deal with ‘Arikomban’, the rogue elephant who has been creating havoc in the Chinnakanal region, in the Idukki district of Kerala, has been raging. The Kerala High Court has intervened to order the relocation of the elephant to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Keraleeyam Masika travels to ground zero to find out why the area has been a frequent battleground between humans and animals.

And, The Probe investigates the shocking state of affairs in the MCD schools in Delhi, where the institutions themselves constitute a "critical risk to children". This utter neglect of the schools and shirking of responsibility is all the more unfortunate as the children are from marginalised communities and the parents usually do not have the strength to hold the school administration accountable.

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Indian Government Can Now Fact Check And Censor Any News Related To The Government: Amended IT Rules

In a body blow to media freedom in India, the government has, through an amendment in the IT Rules, acquired wide and far-reaching powers to censor content. MediaNama analyses the new provisions.

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New-age Northeast scholarship dominating global academic scene. IIT to Harvard, all want in

ThePrint reports on the surge of academic energy in the Northeast of India, with a profusion of young scholars delving deep into the region’s history and culture.

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അരിക്കൊമ്പനും ആനയോളം ആശങ്കകളും

Keraleeyam Masika travels to Chinnakanal in Idukki district in Kerala, where a wild elephant has been causing damage and destruction, to understand the reasons for the repeated instances of human-animal conflict in the area.

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Gang-rape Of Class 5 Student: Delhi MCD Schools Continue To Be A Ticking Time Bomb

The Probe investigates the deplorable condition of Delhi's MCD schools – from not being able to provide the children with basic facilities, to the schools themselves becoming centres that infringe on the children’s rights.

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