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Nothing reinforces the fact that caste remains one of the defining identities in India as much as the advent of elections when all possible cleavages are sought to be taken advantage of. Mojo Story travels to Gujarat, on the eve of assembly polls, to find that caste, 75 years after India’s freedom, continues to rule. As a tool for power, discrimination, atrocities, and even restricting public services. Even the gods have not been spared - separate entrances and sanctum sanctorums for different communities in the same temple.

The unseemly sight of legislators switching sides, political horse-trading and defections, have become so much of a norm that not even an eyebrow is raised to contemplate the consequences. This almost blatant lack of ethics and the even more inexplicable acceptance of these shenanigans by the citizens, The India Forum says, cuts at the core of Indian democracy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to look at the role of political parties and “how they are organised and re-examine their working”.

The Citizen reports on the Tharu Adivasis from the core areas of the Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh, on how the tribal communities live as the “friend of the forest”, with no man-animal conflict reported for many years now, and how their aspirations and spirits are dampened by the attitude and scorn of the forest department.

And, almost a month ago, The Probe reported how nearly 500 farmer families have not been compensated for the land acquired nearly eight years ago by the Defence Estates Department (DED) in Karewa Damodar, near Srinagar Airport. Following the publication, the army leadership in Kashmir met the families and assured them that their rights will be respected and the compensation paid.

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Caste Discrimination is not a thing of past in Rural Gujarat, a part of everyday lives for SC/ST

Caste and discrimination continue to go hand in hand in rural Gujarat even as the state is on the cusp of polling for its assembly next week. Mojo Story reports from the ground.

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Triumph of the Political Party in Public Office

Political parties have been reduced to election-fighting machines that are prone to throw ethics and values to the wind for power. The India Forum looks at how and why the system has been corroded and analyses what can be done.

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Tharu Adivasis: Sentinels of the Forests

The Citizen reports from deep inside the Dudhwa National Park, where a tribal community lives as a "friend of the forest" and reports on their dreams and their aspirations.

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The Probe Impact: Army top officers meet Kashmiri farmers with an olive branch

The Probe's report that despite the granting of permissions eight years ago, hundreds of families have not been compensated for the land that was acquired by the DED, near Srinagar Airport, led to the army leadership meeting the affected families and committing to the promised compensation.

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