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The issue of child trafficking in India is as rampant as it is unaddressed. The number of children illegally traded every year runs into thousands. In a special report, from deep inside Bihar’s Gaya district, Mojo Story narrates the tragedy of three different families whose children went to distant Rajasthan in the hope of rescuing their families from poverty and hunger, never to return.

The mushrooming of coke units, blatantly violating norms instituted by Meghalaya’s Pollution Control Board, in the East Jaintia Hills and West Khasi Hills districts have severely impacted the lives of the residents, with breathlessness and choking becoming their living reality. EastMojo brings you the story in a ground-reported documentary.

What began as a mission to provide a legal identity to equip the citizens and the marginalised to access financial and public services is now turning into a tool for state surveillance and control, The India Forum argues. Laws, the judiciary and civil society have to rigorously red flag and fight cases of abuse if we are to straighten the curve.

The Centre’s effort to enable the 38 crore unorganised sector workers to seamlessly access social welfare and employment benefits through the e-Shram portal has been justifiably lauded. However, India Development Review points out that the effort has been hamstrung by the inability of workers to access the digital portal, and there is an urgent need to strengthen the non-digital infrastructure to overcome the stark digital divide.

And, with just months to go before the Union Budget, Swarajya talks to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in an exclusive interview. The Minister explains government spending, the massive privatisation bid, asset monetisation, the GST, and other critical reforms, needed to steer the Indian economy to a high growth path.

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Children bought and sold | Inside India's Child Trafficking Horror | Mojo Investigation

Mojo Story reports from Bihar’s Gaya district, speaking to families whose children were trafficked to Rajasthan and who they never saw again. It highlights the growing tragedy of the illegal trade in children which is not only widespread but scarcely highlighted and addressed.

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Choking amid coking: Meghalaya coke factories leave no room to breathe

EastMojo reports from the East Jaintia Hills and West Khasi Hills districts in Meghalaya, a fertile ground for coke units in the state in recent years, to understand its impact on the health of residents and the environment.

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Digital ID: A Single Source of Truth

The India Forum analyses the dangers of the decline of digitals IDs, from being a tool for empowerment to now being increasingly used as a tool for surveillance and control by illiberal states.

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Gaps in the government’s plan to help unorganised workers

If India has to optimally leverage the e-Shram portal for enabling workers in the unorganised sector to avail the benefits of government schemes, India Development Review points out that the state, employers and worker collectives will have to come together to overcome the digital divide.

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Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman On GST, Taxation, Privatisation, Infrastructure Push And Reforms

In an exclusive interview, Swarajya talks to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman about the challenges that she faces on the Indian economy as she is set to present the next year’s Union Budget in a few months.

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