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More often than not, in the struggle between development and the environment, it is the poor and the marginalised who come out last. The latest such instance comes from Kerala, where the building of a new dam threatens a community of tribals.

Keraleeyam Masika reports from Pulpally and Mullankolly panchayats in the Wayanad district, where a dam proposed on the tributary of the Kabini River, Kadamanthode, has set off intense debate on the aftermath of the project, and the tribal community's eventual evacuation.

Yesterday, on December 18, the Union government tabled the new telecom bill in the Lok Sabha. The bill provides that the spectrum allocation for satellite communication be through the 'administrative' route rather than the traditional auction method. In a sense, this has applied closure to the 'auction vs allocation' debate raging in the industry.

It has been asserted by players in the space-communication segment that an auction of spectrum leads to cartelisation, militates against new services being introduced, and thwarts the quest for 'connecting the unconnected.' The government now seems to have agreed with them. MediaNama brings you the debate and explains the positions of the larger set of players.

Unable to find remunerative local employment and lured by the considerably higher wages on foreign shores, India's labour migration to distant lands is a long and continuing saga. However, not all of these tales have had happy endings.

Mojo Story relates one such case, where a group of 45 labourers from three districts of Jharkhand -- Giridih, Hazaribagh, and Bokaro -- who went to work in Saudi Arabia have been stranded there since May. Deprived of shelter and wages, with no one to pay heed to their plight, they have now implored the Indian government to get them back home.

And, egovernance has been touted as the way forward for delivering government services in a transparent, accessible and accountable format to the citizen. Jammu & Kashmir tops the country in terms of the number of services provided digitally. However, Kashmir Observer finds that the promises remain primarily on paper, and the ground reality is far from the aspirations.

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മുതലിമാരന്റെ പിന്മുറക്കാർ അഭയാർത്ഥികളാക്കപ്പെടുമോ?

From Kerala's Wayanad, Keraleeyam Masika finds out if a dam proposed on the Kabini River's tributary will benefit the tribal owners of the land, or go towards their displacement.

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Indian Space Industry Unites Against Spectrum Auction, Advocates For Administrative Allocation

MediaNama looks at the other side of the spectrum debate, where industry bodies and space-based communication companies are arguing that it should be allocated 'administratively' and not through the auction route, as has been done so far.

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किस हालात में हैं Saudi Arabia में फँसे Jharkhand के 45 मज़दूर, कैसी है उनके परिवार की हालत

Forty-five labourers from Jharkhand, stranded in Saudi Arabia since May, without livelihood and sustenance, are pleading with the government to bring them back home. Mojo Story reports.

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JK Ranks No 1 in e Services but obsolete methods prevalent still in Govt offices

Kashmir Observer does a reality check on the efficacy of eservices of the Jammu and Kashmir government.

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After Janchowk reported that 54 tribal families in the Palamu district of Jharkhand had not received rations from the government’s 'Aadim Janjaati Dakiya Khadyan Yojana' for the last five months, the food and supplies department intervened to make amends.
"कार्ड मिला है तो धो धोकर पीजिये” – कई सालों से रोजगार न मिलने से मनरेगा कार्डधारी मज़दूर निराश
MGNREGA guarantees 100 days of employment to the unemployed every year. However, मैं मीडिया reports from the Mahesh Bathna Panchayat of Bahadurganj block of Kishanganj in Bihar that the scheme does not seem to exist on the ground.
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Even as temperatures plummet in North India, the homeless in Madhya Pradesh's capital, Bhopal, are literally on the streets, with the night shelters unable to cope with the numbers. The Mooknayak reports from the ground.

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