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Just recently, the government announced its decision to bifurcate military cantonments in India by carving out military areas into “exclusive military stations” and merging the civilian parts with the local municipalities.

While the decision was presented as a move to give the military “absolute control” over the areas demarcated for it, it was also claimed that it will pave the wave for easy access to welfare schemes of the state government for civilians. The Citizen analyses the effort and tells us the potential downside and how the civilian part of the cantonments can be misused for profiteering in land.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) was launched by the government to develop an ecommerce platform that would be an alternative to the existing mega sites, by fostering an open and cheaper interchange between shoppers, tech platforms and retailers. While there is widespread interest in the platform, MediaNama points out that there are significant glitches that need to be ironed out – unreliable delivery schedules and weak customer support, for instance.

Supreme Court Observer analyses the implications of the Supreme Court’s order on the Maharashtra political crisis and concludes that the prolonged delay in reaching a decision has meant that the judgement, while legally compelling, has no impact on the ground situation.

And, the Village Councils in Tripura serve as local self-governing bodies and are critical to ensuring community participation, local decision-making and development. However, the elections to the local body, due in 2021, have been delayed despite the High Court’s intervention. Main Bhi Bharat looks at the impact of this inaction in the tribal areas of the state.

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Politicians’ Insatiable Appetite For Defence Land

The Citizen looks at the downside of the recent move to demarcate and separate military and civilian areas in the present cantonments.

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ONDC Vs Zomato, Swiggy: What To Look For Behind All The Hype

MediaNama looks at some of the issues that bedevil the government’s move to make its ecommerce platform, ONDC, a reliable alternative to the private mega sites.

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Maharashtra Political Crisis: The Limits of Supreme Court’s Expiations

Supreme Court Observer argues that while the Apex Court was cogent in the decisions it made in the case of the Maharashtra legislative assembly crisis, the delays have meant that it has been rendered infructuous in practice.

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त्रिपुरा में विलेज काउंसिल चुनाव क्यों ज़रूरी

The Village Councils in Tripura’s tribal areas are critical for local governance, decision-making and development. However, the elections to the Councils have been delayed since 2021. Main Bhi Bharat looks at the implications.

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