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The ‘Ridge’, a designated reserve forest, has long been regarded Delhi’s ‘green lungs’. It not only helps inject life-supporting oxygen but assists in the capital’s groundwater recharge and shields the city from the merciless hot winds from the west.

However, The Probe investigates and finds that despite the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) order two years ago -- to identify and retrieve illegally encroached forest lands -- illegal occupation of the Ridge continues. Over 800 hectares still remain encroached. A situation engendered by the collusion between officials and encroachers, at the citizen’s cost.

Man-animal conflict is a reality of our times. In Attapadi, in Kerala’s Palakkad district, this strife has intensified with casualties, crop damage and a pervading sense of fear. Keraleeyam Masika reports that deprivation of land rights to Adivasis, interference with their traditional means of livelihood and well-meaning but flawed government schemes have skewed the pitch.

Fundraising is a critical and crucial aspect of sustaining and growing non-profits. However, it is not always that non-profits are aware of the intricacies that are involved in bringing results and funds. India Development Review provides a nine-point mantra that can optimally further the cause.

And, ThePrint brings you a story of how a theoretical physicist’s obsession with breaking down complex concepts into simple terms won him a Padma Bhushan. His ‘simple’ solutions include explanations for predicting the magnitude of earthquakes, the frequency of aftershocks and fluctuations in the finance market.

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Delhi Ridge: Over 800 Hectares Of Forest Land Under Encroachment Despite NGT Orders

In spite of a January 2021 NGT order to identify and retrieve all encroached land within three months, The Probe finds hundreds of acres of land in the Southern Ridge in Delhi still under illegal occupation.

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വന്യജീവി സംഘർഷം: അട്ടപ്പാടിയുടെ കഥ മറ്റൊന്നാണ്

Keraleeyam Masika reports from Attapadi in Kerala’s Palakkad district on the intensifying man-animal conflict and the issues involved.

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A fundraising guide for nonprofits

India Development Review lists nine essential steps for non-profits to strengthen their fundraising.

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How a theoretical physicist’s passionate approach to simple math got him the Padma Bhushan

ThePrint tells the story how one of India’s foremost theoretical physicists earned a Padma Bhushan by keeping complex concepts simple.

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