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One of the consequences of the Covid pandemic and the consequent lockdowns and disruption was the toll it took on the mental health of citizens, especially on India’s workforce. Many remedial measures – therapies and policies – were instituted to alleviate the distress.

However, these measures have proven to be less than par. The findings of a 2022 survey by a leading consultancy firm and cited by Article 14 reveal that mental health affliction costs the Indian economy $14 billion, or Rs 1.15 lakh crore, every year. Article 14 argues that there is a need for corporates to understand and accept how the mental well-being of employees impacts their businesses, apart from the human and social costs that are engendered.

The practice of early marriage of girls, sometimes below the legally sanctioned age of 18, continues to plague the tribal communities of Jammu and Kashmir. As Kashmir Observer reports, this is especially rampant among the nomadic Gujjar-Bakerwal tribe in the state which results in high drop-out from schools and denial of access to education.

Recently, the Maharashtra Police admitted that between January and March this year, as many as 3,594 women aged between 16 to 35 were reported "missing” in the state. The Probe delves into the organised and tragic tale of human trafficking in India and points out that the threat to young girls and women also emanates from within homes in the form of violence and abuse.

The Constitutional Benches of the Supreme Court of India – comprising five, seven or nine judges – which seek answers to substantial questions of law or interpret the Constitution – had taken a back seat. However, as the Supreme Court Observer points out, it has seen a resurgence in the recent past with the Court witnessing 55 Constitutional Bench hearings across 16 different cases in the last five months. This may well turn out to be the highest constitutional bench activity recorded this decade.

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