Even as the media’s attention is focussed on The Wire expose’ on the use of spying software to snoop on journalists and opposition leaders, another report by grantee Article 14 analyses the potential violation of fundamental rights to privacy and free expression, faced by 60,000 employees of NTPC, where facial-recognition technology is proposed to be installed to monitor them. The data of the employees, which will be recorded and stored by NTPC, is open to misuse and surveillance as India still does not have a data protection law in place.

As the Covid second wave ebbs, mathematical modelling done by ICMR and the Imperial College, London, reveals that the third wave of the pandemic is likely to hit India by August-end. While not predicted to be as lethal as the second wave, it could still inflict enormous fatalities. Mojo Story discusses how India can lessen the impact, given the shortage of vaccines.

As sexual crimes and abuse against women surge in Kashmir, a young Srinagar based lawyer Badrul Duja’s activism has single-handedly led to the establishment of sexual harassment committees in more than 70 government departments across the Valley. Kashmir Observer chronicles the effort.

EastMojo reports on a heroic effort by the local community in Arunachal Pradesh’s Siang district, who came together to build a 30-metre rope-suspension bridge after a major portion of the Pangin-Pasighat highway was washed away in the monsoons.

And, Down To Earth delves into the past to report that while the scale of the human tragedy in a pandemic is incalculable, the quarantines have also spawned some of the greatest works in arts and sciences. Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece on urban planning – ‘Ideal City’, Isaac Newton’s concepts on gravity and calculus, and William Shakespeare’s classics Macbeth and King Lear, for instance, were all products of periods of forced lockdowns during the plagues in Europe.

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As Pegasus Snoop Is Revealed, India Allows Surveillance State With No Legal Safeguards

NTPC has issued two tenders in March and May this year, to buy 13 facial-recognition systems that can identify and monitor 60,000 employees at its facilities across India. This has led to grave concerns that, in the absence of data protection legislation in India, this unregulated collection of data will impinge on the privacy and rights of the employees. Article 14 reports.

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Scientists say this is when COVID 3rd Wave will come to India | Can we still stop it? | Barkha Dutt

Can India beat the third wave of Covid, that scientists predict will hit India at the end of August, with nearly 100,000 cases a day? Mojo Story discusses.

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A Lawyer’s Women Advocacy Is Creating Institutional Change In Kashmir

Using RTI as a tool to extract information from government departments, which have yet to provide the mandatory protection tools for women in the workplace, a 22-year-old lawyer - “information warrior”, spearheads change in Kashmir. Kashmir Observer reports.

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Arunachal: Highway lost to rain, locals build 30-metre-long Lelek bridge

EastMojo reports on how a community in the Pangin and Kebang circles in Arunachal Pradesh’s Siang district came together to build a suspension bridge to restore connectivity in the area after a major portion of the Pangin-Pasighat highway was washed away in the Monsoons.

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Pandemics, Art and Science

Down To Earth goes back in time to find that there were many instances where the tragic and recurring episodes of deadly plagues in Europe have also spawned some of the greatest works in science and art.

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WhatsApp in India: A Tale of Big Tech, Privacy Violation and Government Control
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A drug that can save the lives of kids costs Rs 16 crore. What India can do
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India Becomes a Republic | Milestone | Making of Modern India
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Kumbakonam Balamani: 19th Century Stage Actress Who Fought For Destitute Women
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Max Maharashtra reports from the Suryanagar slum in Vikhroli West, in Mumbai, where close to 10 to 15 houses are destroyed year after year following a heavy downpour, but the civic authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the tragic loss of lives.

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