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The cancellation of stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui’s show in Bengaluru, consequent to denial of permission by the Bengaluru Police for his event, is the most recent assault on free speech in a litany of events seen to be diminishing freedoms.

The latest cancellation, the 12th in the last two months, of Faruqui’s events raise some critical issues, other than the apparent restrictions on free speech. Mojo Story and The News Minute underline the issues - the institutional perfidy of the Bengaluru Police, which instead of protecting the artiste’s freedom actually chose to give in to the threats by vested groups, the performer’s right to livelihood, and the ‘chilling effect’ the cancellations impose on other artistes.

Article 14 reports from Srinagar, in Kashmir on the 25-year struggle of Jameela Bano, the widow of a daily wager who was killed “extra-judicially”. Bano now finds closure, as a court in the Valley declares her husband innocent and orders an SIT probe into the earlier probe which had indicted him.

Prime Minister Modi announced a slew of goals at the COP26, at Glasgow in Scotland, including net-zero carbon emissions by 2070. However, it is not clear, says Down To Earth, how these targets were arrived at – because the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change (PMCCC), the body responsible for the task, “has not met once in the last seven years”!

The Supreme Court’s Constitution Benches, where the most constitutionally significant of Court’s pronouncements are made and set the law for lower courts, are a critical component of our justice structure.

However, the Supreme Court Observer notes that the Constitution Bench judgments have been drastically declining - from 134 in the 1960s to just 2 this year. As of the first week of this month, a whopping 50 Constitution Bench cases are pending.

And, in a ground-reported documentary, The Probe investigates the practice of manual scavenging in the national capital and brings you heart-wrenching stories of how humans are forced to risk their lives and go down manholes to clean human waste, even as the government feigns ignorance.

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"This Is Unfair. I'm Done"| Munawar Faruqui After Bengaluru Police Ask Organisers To Cancel His Show

The cancellation of stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui’s shows in Bengaluru throws up important questions on the right to expression, the working of our institutions and artistic freedom. Mojo Story examines the issues and what it means for our polity and society.

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A Fake Gunbattle In Kashmir & A Widow’s 25-Year Battle For Justice

Article 14 documents the long and lonely battle of Jameela Bano to prove the innocence of her husband, Mohammad Ramzan Bhat, who was allegedly killed in an 'encounter' in Kashmir in 1996.

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PM’s climate change council has not met in almost 7 years

Down To Earth analyses how India arrived at its COP26 commitments when the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change has not met even once in the last last seven years.

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Manual scavengers: Shit hits our head in manholes, our co-workers have died | Govt says ‘no deaths’

The Probe investigates the prevalance of manual scavenging in Delhi and debunks the Centre’s claim that no deaths were reported due to the practice in the last five years.

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The Consequences of Pending Constitutional Benches

The Supreme Court Observer points to the declining number of judgements of the Supreme Court Constitution Benches and the significant pendency in such cases. This year, only two Constitution Benches have pronounced judgments – on Maratha reservations and the review of Aadhaar.

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