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Journalists and activists have been under the cosh in recent times, with threats, detentions and cases -- mostly for taking up public causes, often in defiance of local governments and leaders.

Article 14 reports from Sidhi in north-eastern Madhya Pradesh, on the detention of ten men, including a journalist, who were made to strip, ostensibly because they dared to question a local legislator of the ruling party. This follows a pattern in the state, which ranks only behind Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh when it comes to attacks on journalists.

Institutional care is critical to reducing maternal mortality and bolstering the health of both the mother and the child. However, a ground report from Uttar Pradesh by Mojo Story shockingly finds that blatantly perpetuated stigma and discrimination based on religion have deprived pregnant women of basic care and dignity in state-run medical facilities.

The India Forum brings you the story of India’s first Primary Health Centre (PHC), established in Najafgarh, in West Delhi, in 1949. The model for the role of the ‘public health nurse’, developed at the PHC – one, getting the citizens and the community to the health centre and two, documenting their health status and access – has stood the test of time.

And, in an impact story, seven years after the Andhra Pradesh Red Sanders Anti-Smuggling Special Task Force (RSASTF) killed 20 men from Tamil Nadu in an “encounter” in the Seshachalam forest, for their alleged involvement in smuggling red sanders, The News Minute brings the anguish of their families, who still await justice. Following the coverage, Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin responded and promised them legal assistance.

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Why A Journalist & 7 Theatre Artistes Were Attacked, Paraded In Underwear By Madhya Pradesh Police

Article 14 investigates the arrest and stripping of ten men, including a journalist, seven theatre artistes and two others, in Madhya Pradesh, inside the Sidhi police station, apparently under pressure from a ruling party legislator.

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Reproducing While Muslim: The Crisis of Obstetric Violence Against Muslim Women in UP

Mojo Story reports from UP on how religious prejudices and biases have eroded access to safe births and healthcare in the state government’s hospitals.

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How a Village in Delhi Influenced Public Healthcare in India

The India Forum focuses on the country's first Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Delhi’s Najafgarh and its influence on the healthcare system.

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20 men from Tamil Nadu shot dead in 2015, no justice yet

The News Minute reports on the anguish of the families of 20 men from Tamil Nadu killed by the Andhra Pradesh RSASTF, in an “extra-judicial killing” seven years ago, alleging that they were involved in felling and smuggling of red sanders. The story led to intervention by the Tamil Nadu chief minister.

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