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Fake news and disinformation, a scourge of our times, raise communal passions, fuel sectarian tensions and create social disharmonies. The Foundation’s grantees have striven to call out and red flag fake news at every possible instance.

Alt News’ assiduous fact-checking has, from time to time, led to the calling out of many such media and users indulging in misinformation. This report documents the "de-platforming" and “banning” of a clutch of users on YouTube and Facebook, who were consistently and rampantly indulging in communal hate speech and fake news.

In Kashmir, contrary to claims that corruption and nepotism have been brought down since the abrogation of Article 370, Kashmir Observer reports that in many cases the state government’s decisions have, in fact, severely eroded the morale of the state’s anti-corruption bureau. It chronicles one such case, which was being fought for 11 long years, only to be upended by the government itself.

AIIMS was founded to “produce the future leaders of Indian medicine and public health”. However, The India Forum, reviewing a recent book on the Institute, finds that the institution has lost its way – more inclined to strive for “excellence” and “specialisation” - unwittingly pushing it to largely cater to the concerns of the elite.

Last week, the Union Ministry of Environment announced the instituting of a new system of ranking of states in granting Environment Clearances (EC), based on seven criteria – including efficiency and timeliness. ThePrint reports on the new ranking parameters, and the apprehension that this will increase the propensity to grant ECs without the required due diligence, with an eye on the rankings.

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Alt News Impact: Facebook and YouTube ban accounts posting hate speech

Alt News reports how its rigorous pursuit of accounts on Facebook and YouTube, which foment hate speech and instigate violence against communities, has led to the "de-platforming" of these dubious instigators.

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Efforts of ACB, Law Department Dashed by Govt?

Despite the Centre’s claim that the abrogation of Article 370 has gone far in instituting a cleaner and more transparent administration in Kashmir, Kashmir Observer reports that things have, in some instances, actually deteriorated.

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No land for widows

India Development Review reports on the pandemic widows in Gujarat who are struggling to get their land rights after the demise of their husbands – fighting both the State and patriarchy in society.

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AIIMS and the Failure of Imagining Healthcare

In a far cry from what was intended, AIIMS has digressed from its original objective of producing doctors for India’s unreached - the citizens in its villages and the hinterland. The India Forum reviews a recent book on one of India’s leading medical institutions to find out why.

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These are the 7 criteria Modi govt will use for ranking states on environment clearance

ThePrint reports on the new ranking criteria for states based on the speed with which they grant environment clearances for 39 types of projects. The rankings announced by the Union Environment Ministry also raise the question of whether this “incentivisation” will result in undue haste and oversight in processing clearances.

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More from the grantees
Now, TB test recommended for COVID-19 patients in case of persisting cough
Noting that the national task force on the pandemic has recently advised Covid patients to test themselves for Tuberculosis, if a cough persists for “more than two to three weeks”, Down To Earth talks to experts to find how the new guidelines may also help in the larger fight against TB.
Newsroom Charcha: How Important Are Campaign Songs In Elections?
With the ECI banning physical rallies and roadshows till January 31, in the wake of rising Covid cases, political parties in the country are turning to innovative campaigns – including carrying their messages through songs. HW News discusses the trend.
यागराज: बालू की चलाई करके टीबी से ग्रसित हो रहा गाँव
Khabar Lahariya reports from Gulrhai and Gadkatra villages in Prayagraj district in UP, where there is a huge rise in TB cases among ‘sand and stone workers’, as a consequence of inhaling particles that contain silica.
बेटियों को सम्पति में अधिकार देने से क्या बदलाव आएगा?| नारीवादी चश्मा
Marking the National Girl Child Day on January 24, Feminism in India delves into the importance of equal property rights for daughters and how this can empower them.
Ground Report : मुंबईतील भीषण वास्तव, शौचालय नसल्याने उघड्यावर जाण्याची वेळ
Max Maharashtra visits Ghatkopar in Mumbai, to find that many people are still living without access to a toilet and women are forced to defecate in the open.
Guarded optimism as Assam, Meghalaya iron out decades-long border issue
As the Assam and Meghalaya governments move to resolve decades-old border disputes between the two states, EastMojo ground reports from Pilingkata, a border area, where there are signs that at least claims in “six relatively less complicated areas” would be settled.
Why forcing people to take vaccines doesn’t work
Suno India examines the question of mandatory vaccinations and stresses that the ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among certain sections of the population is caused due to a history of less than happy engagements with the government and its agencies in the past.
First Lions and Now Cheetahs: Kuno-Palpur National Park’s Communities Prepare to Relocate For Conservation
Decks are being cleared to bring back the Cheetah to India, 70 years after they became extinct in the subcontinent. Families living in villages adjacent to MP’s Kuno-Palpur National Park are being “voluntarily” relocated to make space for the mammal. However, the villagers have their own fears and anxieties. The Bastion reports from the ground.

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