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The degree of sharpness and bite of political cartoons are generally acknowledged as a barometer of freedom in a society - able to subtly convey the angst, disquiet and ironies to the powers that be, more effectively than mere words can. By that measure, the absence of political cartoons in Kashmir is reflective of the unfreedom that cartoonists and the media face.

Article 14 reports on the conspicuous demise of political cartooning in Kashmir, given the state’s intolerance of criticism and consequent censorship, and likens drawing cartoons in Kashmir to “sitting inside the crocodile’s jaws”.

In the fourth of an eight-part series on using technology for social good, India Development Review dwells on the relative tentativeness of the non-profit sector to technology. Most times, it is seen as an “overhead” rather than a tool - innate and fundamental to an organisation’s functioning and growth. The story tells how tech can and should be integrated into the working of the social sector.

The scope of the ‘right to protest’ has been a matter of judicial review by the Supreme Court in recent weeks – both in the farmer agitation and earlier during the Shaheen Bagh protest. The Supreme Court Observer places the ‘recast’ of the right to protest in its context and how the ‘rights’ have evolved over the years.

The rocketing rates of petroleum products in India in recent months have generally been panned as “extortionist” and seen to be an undue burden on the common citizen. Swarajya, however, argues that the government’s reluctance to intervene to curtail them is “good for India” and provides you with ten reasons why.

And, as by-polls to three Lok Sabha and 30 assembly seats loom, the proposed international airport at one of the seats going to polls – Mandi in Himachal Pradesh – has become a hot-button election issue. The Citizen analyses why building the airport is likely to be a human and environmental disaster.

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How Cartoons Vanished From Newspapers In Kashmir

Article 14 looks at the state of political cartooning in Kashmir and says that censorship and the fear of arbitrary action by the state have virtually pushed out the art from the media in the Valley.

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How the social sector thinks about tech is wrong

How can tech be leveraged as a critical enabling tool by the non-profit sector and how can the social sector eschew its relative averseness to it. India Development Review dwells deep.

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Recasting the Right to Protest: Shaheen Bagh to Lakhimpur Kheri

SC Observer points that with the ongoing farmer protests, the Supreme Court faces the challenge of deciding the scope of the right to protest. A balancing act that needs to protect the rights of the protestors as well those affected by it.

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10 Reasons Why High Oil Taxes Are Good For India

Rather than being panned, the Centre should be appreciated for not intervening to push down the sky-high petroleum prices in India, Swarajya argues, and tells you 10 reasons why this is “good for India”.

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Mandi Airport Spells Disaster for Himachal

The proposal to build an international airport in the Balh Valley of Himachal’s Mandi, opposed by the local communities for 15 years now, is destined to be a disaster. The project will entail uprooting 2,500 families in one of the most fertile, irrigated lands in the state, says The Citizen.

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How sluice gates are ruining farmers' produce in Assam's Bokakhat
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Fact-check: Did JRD Tata write “Nehru stabbed me in the back” after nationalisation of Tata Airlines?
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Indian honeybees are disappearing from Himachal | Why are they important to the Himalayan ecology?
Down To Earth reports that the indigenous bee population of Himachal Pradesh is on a decline and under threat of extinction, given the rise in deforestation, increased use of pesticides and competition from the exotic Apis Mellifera – a European bee species.
Ground Report: शेतात जाण्यासाठी जीवघेणा जलप्रवास, लोकप्रतिनिधींचे दुर्लक्ष
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