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There is trouble in paradise. Sri Lanka, which gave the world the term ‘serendipity’, is far from it now. The island nation is experiencing its worst economic crisis in seven decades. Shortages and soaring prices -- even of essentials such as medicine and food -- are a living reality. And protests and distrust of the government have added to the already boiling cauldron.ThePrint reports from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on the crisis and its impact on the citizens.

Godhan Nyay Yojana is Chhattisgarh’s flagship scheme to strengthen its rural economy by bolstering dairying, strengthening organic farming and ending the menace of stray cattle, through organised cow shelters. However, Down To Earth visits ten of these shelters and finds the scheme floundering.

The mayors of South and East Delhi imposed curbs on the sale of meat during the recent Navratri festival. Article 14 analyses the laws and finds that such restrictions violate the freedom to carry on trade and impinge on citizens' liberties. It is fundamentally violative of India’s Constitution.

And, in the last six months, at least seven Regional Load Despatch Centres, responsible for optimum scheduling and distribution of electricity, close to the Indo-China border in Ladakh, were targeted by a suspected Chinese state-sponsored group in a cyber-attack, MediaNama reports, citing an independent body. It also goes into how access was gained and how future threats could be mitigated.

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How Sri Lanka's economic crisis has hit low-income & daily wagers

ThePrint reports from the Sri Lankan capital on the economic vagaries that have hit the country and its impact on the people of a once prosperous island.

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Ground report: How is Chhattisgarh’s ‘dung deal’ working

Chhattisgarh’s flagship scheme to build a viable village ecosystem and economy through its Godhan Nyay Yojana, as Down To Earth finds, has not gone as planned.

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Why Delhi’s Ban On Selling Meat During Hindu Festival Is Illegal & Violates India’s Constitution

The recent restrictions imposed on the sale of meat products during the Navratri festival, Article 14 finds, not only violates citizens' freedoms but the Constitution itself.

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China-Backed Hackers Targetted Power Stations In Ladakh Through Compromised IP Cameras

Since September last year, MediaNama reports that a Chinese-government sponsored cyber-attack on regional electricity distribution centres in Ladakh has compromised India’s security.

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