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Last week’s intervention by the Supreme Court against the 152-year-old sedition law was in response to a batch of writ petitions challenging its constitutionality. Five of these eight petitions were based on the sedition database compiled and created by grantee Article 14 – ‘The Decade of Darkness’.

The Article 14 database, an effort which took a year in the making, recorded 13,000 people charged with sedition between 2010 and 2021 -- a soaring and unprecedented rise in the last decade -- against “protests, dissent, social media posts and criticism of the government.”

Earlier, in the run-up to the apex court order, Supreme Court Observer created a timeline of key laws and cases in the long history of the colonial-era penal law. Among the names that the law was invoked against were Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi and journalist Vinod Dua.

The News Minute argues that the split verdict in the Delhi High Court on the petition to strike down the exception granted to husbands under the rape law in the IPC ignores the lived realities of victims, where a majority of cases of sexual violence are perpetrated by persons known to the victim.

And, Down To Earth reports that ‘black thrips’ – a black-coloured and pinhead-sized pest, is ravaging and destroying hectares and hectares of chilli crops across 34 contiguous districts in six states – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh -- since October last year, pushing farmers to the brink. Tragically, in some cases, forcing them to take their own lives.

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Hold The Celebrations: Supreme Court's ‘Hopes & Expects’ Order Misses Opportunity To Judicially Review Sedition

Article 14, whose work on the sedition database was cited by the petitioners challenging the constitutionality of Section 124A of the IPC, argues that the apex court’s faith in the executive for delivering the goods on the sedition law is misplaced and an opportunity lost to erase the draconian law from the statute books forever.

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Sedition Law in India: A Timeline

Supreme Court Observer traces the timeline of the cases of sedition law from colonial times beginning with the first case that was heard by the Calcutta High Court in 1891.

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Justice Shankar’s verdict on marital rape is far removed from the reality on ground

Following a split verdict delivered by a Division Bench of the Delhi High Court recently on the question of the constitutionality of exceptions granted to husbands in marital rape, The News Minute argues that the judgement is divorced from the situation on the ground.

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Chilli under attack: New thrips species destroys farms in 6 states

A black coloured pin-sized pest is wreaking havoc in the lives of chilli farmers and has triggered a spate of suicides. Down To Earth reports from the ground in Telangana.

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