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The recent narrative of the circumstances behind the exodus of the Pandits, from the Kashmir Valley three decades ago, has ignited a controversy on sectarian violence that altered lives forever. It has reignited the images of horrors that have been Kashmir’s fate for years now.

The India Forum argues that great violence, particularly suffered over extended periods, changes individuals and communities. Even those who 'recover' know that they are forever marked by their experience of violence and their place in the world, precarious and uncertain. This indeed is a continuing feature of Kashmiri lives lived under duress - whether they are Muslim or Pandit or Sikh, whether they now live in Kashmir or have shifted to lives elsewhere.

However, amidst the doom, it is this shared past and heritage that has the potential to rekindle hope and aspirations again, based on the collective suffering of all communities -- away from hardening alienation and “vindictiveness”.

From Tripura, EastMojo reports on the rising cases of lynching of the minority community and how the apathy of the justice system and the state’s political leadership has made their situation untenable.

The Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh governments have reinstated the “old pension scheme” with retrospective effect from 2014, when the new contribution-based pension scheme (NPS) was introduced. This, Swarajya says, is a step in the wrong direction and bodes ill for the fiscal futures of the states.

And, ThePrint chronicles the fascinating history of Delhi University, one of India’s premier institutions, as it marks its centenary – tracing its role in the freedom struggle, the student politics and the life on the campus.

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Kashmir: Loss, Memory and a Shared History

The India Forum laments the loss of Kashmir’s shared common heritage and culture and says that the “loss” of lives is a collective tragedy and not a particular community’s cross to bear alone.

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Tripura: Families of mob lynching victims and their tiny hope for justice

EastMojo reports from Tripura on how the state has seen a rise in cases of mob lynching with the justice and the political system in a state of stupor.

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Rajasthan And Chhattisgarh Undo Pension Reforms; Why It Can Lead To A Bigger Fiscal Mess For The Country

The reversal of the New Pension Scheme by the Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh governments is fraught with adverse consequences for the fiscal well-being of the states, says Swarajya.

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Delhi University at 100: Staging ground of history, scholarly success & coffee-shop romances

As the Delhi University celebrates its centenary, ThePrint delves into its history, and why it has become one of the most coveted institutions in the country.

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