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At the best of times, tribal women and children tend to be systemically excluded from the state's delivery of basic services. The situation turns worse when extreme climatic events lead to drought conditions. In the predominantly tribal villages in the Palamau and Lohardaga districts of Jharkhand, Article 14 investigates and finds that the right to food is routinely denied. The PDS is dysfunctional and there are unacceptably long gaps in the delivery of food grains to the poorest, just when it is most needed.

Most of India's labour works in the informal sector, where wages, working conditions and social safety nets are often left to the employers' whims. Delhi's Wazirpur Industrial Area, one of the earliest manufacturing hubs in the national capital, famous for its utensil-making units, is not immune to this exploitation. The Citizen reports.

Several countries, especially of the 'Global South', have made a beeline to be part of BRICS. Western commentators have seen it as a move by the ‘non-West’ to invoke the spirit of the Bandung Conference of 1955, which led to the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement. As the BRICs expands, The India Forum analyses the opportunities for the South, and more particularly India, to reimagine Jawaharlal Nehru's vision of an "alternate, just and equitable world order", and once again take on the mantle of the leadership of the South.

And, the Chavakkad beach in Kerala's Thrissur district is a critical site for conserving sea turtles, especially the endangered Olive Ridley species. They come ashore in certain seasons, make burrows in the sand and lay their eggs, which are particularly vulnerable during this period. The Keraleeyam Masika looks at the many conservation efforts to preserve the turtles.

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Foraging To Fill Gaps In Food Security Net: Jharkhand's Poorest Adivasis Face Ration Delays, Shortages

Article 14 looks at the deprivation of food grains in the tribal belts of Jharkhand and how an apathetic state lets its most needy down.

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BRICS's Bandung Moment

Are we at a "Bandung moment" when BRICS, an inter-governmental organisation primarily of the countries of the Global South, assumes the role of an alternative voice to the Western bloc? The India Forum analyses.

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Steel Industry Tales: Exploitation, Injuries, Lives In Shambles

Wazirpur Industrial Area in Delhi is one of the oldest industrial hubs famous for its utensil-making units. But as The Citizen reports, the workers in the units are marginalised and vulnerable, with no social safety net to fall back on.

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കടലാമകളുടെ കാവൽക്കാർ

The Keraleeyam Masika brings you the effort to conserve the endangered Olive Ridley turtles on the Chavakkad beach in Kerala's Thrissur.

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