The rise and steady consolidation of the Taliban in Afghanistan has raised the spectre of a Domino effect in the Kashmir Valley. A repeat of the situation from the late-1980s, when battle-hardened Mujahideen were diverted to Kashmir even as the Afghan war with the Soviet Union was drawing to a close, which began a chapter of cross border terrorism in the Valley through the decades.

In part one of a two-part series, Kashmir Observer analyses the implications of the Taliban ascendency on Kashmir, the history of past insurgencies and the strategic challenges it poses for India.

The Talibanisation of Afghanistan also means dark days for a large number of its citizens, especially women, given its brutal past. While the Afghan women are at the forefront of the protests against the Taliban, stories of women assaulted and harassed, out of education and jobs, and even off airwaves are already rife. Mojo Story discusses life for women in a Taliban country with women-rights activists from Afghanistan.

The India Forum explores the rise, the nature and the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the disruptions it engenders with its pervasive presence. The report discusses the danger of AI being misused by the state for surveillance and big corporations to influence the system to accentuate entrenched societal biases and inequities.

Asiaville deep reports from Tamil Nadu and captures the angst and plight of fishermen protesting against the Indian Marine Fisheries Bill (2021) introduced in the Parliament. The fishermen assert that the bill seeks to institute unreasonable restrictions on their fishing rights such as – mandatory license for fishing, stiff penalties for venturing beyond 12 nautical miles (India’s Exclusive Economic Zone) and even stipulating the time out at sea.

And, EastMojo reports from Darjeeling on the inspiring tale of how a town that lacks even basic health infrastructure scripted a remarkable success story against the pandemic with the support of the local community - NGOs, schools, associations, individuals and politicians bonding and coming together.

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Will the Taliban Spill-Over Reach Kashmir ?

Kashmir Observer analyses the implications of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan on Kashmir and the security challenges that India faces, particularly given the political vacuum in the state after the abrogation of Article 370.

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Taliban & Women | Blood will spill in the streets | Afghanistan

To get a pulse of the reality on the ground and to look into what the future holds for women under the Taliban, Mojo Story speaks to Dr Mahbouba Seraj of the Afghan Women’s Network, Mariam Atash of the Nooristan Foundation and Heather Barr of Human Rights Watch.

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Artificial Intelligence and its Discontents-I

The India Forum, in a two-part series, examines Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) potential to bolster the surveillance capacity of the state and powerful business corporation’s ability to deploy it to influence the system, which may strengthen and deepen the caste and class divides.

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“இந்த மசோதா மீனவர்களுக்கு எதிரா இருக்கு!” | Indian Marine Fisheries Bill 2021 | Ground Report

Asiaville speaks to fishermen in Tamil Nadu on how the newly introduced Indian Marine Fisheries Bill (2021) in Parliament adversely impacts their lives, threatens their livelihoods by imposing restrictions on their traditional vocation of fishing.

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How Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills, fought COVID-19 sans infrastructure

EastMojo reports from Darjeeling on how a town bereft of even basic medical infrastructure conquered Covid with its citizens, civil society and political leaders coming together to fight the pandemic.

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More from the grantees
बाँदा: 8 महीने बाद मिला पोषाहार, खबर लहरिया की खबर का असर | KhabarLahariya
In an impact story, Khabar Lahariya’s reportage on the lack of supply of the mandated quality of food at the Aanganwadi centre in Ragauli Bhatpura gram panchayat in Banda, in UP, for the past eight months, led to the administration immediately sending fresh rations to these centres.
How politicians from Assam and Mizoram escalated then downplayed the border dispute
The Caravan reports on how politicians, unlike in the past, instead of easing tensions, exacerbated the recent border clashes between Mizoram and Assam.
New homes, Rs 10 lakh: A status check of CM KCR’s 2019 promise to his native village
The News Minute goes to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s native village Chintamadaka to check if his promise on a scheme giving benefits worth Rs 10 lakh to every family in the village has been kept.
TV9 Bharatvarsh aired video from Pakistan as Taliban dancing in celebration in Afghanistan
Alt News finds that a viral video of men dancing with assault rifles, claiming that this was the Taliban celebrating after capturing Maidan Wardak, is actually a four-month-old video of men dancing with guns at a wedding in Pakistan in March.
Friedrich Oertel: The Man Who 'Found' India's State Emblem
Live History India profiles Friedrich Oertel, a German-born naturalized Briton, who excavated the archaeological site of Sarnath and discovered the ‘Lion Capital’, which would later become India's national emblem.
The first farmer Under PM-KUSUM yojana now earns 4 lakh per month
In an inspiring story, in the Kanwarpura village in Rajasthan, a doctor-turned-solar-entrepreneur used the PM-KUSUM Yojana to boost his income “200 times” while providing clean energy to the farming community, Down To Earth reports.
Meet The Women Representing India At Tokyo Paralympics 2020
Feminism in India profiles nine women athletes who are representing India at the Tokyo Paralympics set to begin this week.
Ground Report: भर पावसाळ्यात पाण्यासाठी ३ किमी पायपीट
Max Maharashtra reports from the ground on the plight of residents of Revas village in Alibaug in Maharashtra who are struggling without access to drinking water even as the Monsoon rages.

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