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Ajodhya Hills, in the forest of Chota Nagpur in West Bengal, has been earmarked for commissioning of four hydroelectric projects. For one of the four, the Turga Pumped Storage Project (TPSP), the planned acquisition of about 300 hectares has begun, including 234 hectares of forest land.

However, about 11,000 adivasis from the Santhal tribe are up in arms in protests and agitations against what they see as an “illegal occupation” of their land for the projects, without their consent. This, as Article 14 reports from West Bengal’s Purulia, impacts their rights, livelihoods and their “deity” – a consequence of the rampant and wanton watering down of the Forest Rights Act.

If the efficacy of EdTech has to be fully optimised, the teacher has to be at the core of the effort. Their skills and roles have to be proactively leveraged. India Development Review looks at what it will take to achieve this optimisation.

Hardly has a year gone by in the last few years when Kashmir has not been hit hard by adverse climate events – untimely rainfall, hail and thunderstorms. These ostensible after-effects of climate change have caused extensive damage to apple and fruit crops and hit the growers severely. Kashmir Observer examines how climate change is impacting Kashmir’s horticulture and what can be done to overcome it.

Despite being called out in several instances in the past, illegal loan apps have continued to flourish and bring grief to unsuspecting and gullible citizens, with law-enforcement agencies unable to keep abreast of the perpetrators. The Probe investigates how the apps continue to operate with impunity and the nightmares that hapless victims have to endure.

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West Bengal Govt—With Help From New Delhi—Violates Forest Laws To Plan Hydro Project On Adivasi Land

As the Santhal tribals in West Bengal agitate against the acquisition of their forest land for hydroelectric projects without their consent, Article 14 looks at the state’s role in undermining their rights.

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Making EdTech work in low resource settings

India Development Review examines how teachers can be a catalyst for the EdTech system.

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Unpredictable Weather, Unprepared Farmers: Kashmir Fruit Growers Hit Hard

Kashmir’s apple and fruit growers seem to be increasingly and annually hit hard by the vagaries of the weather. Kashmir Observer explains what can be done to salvage the situation.

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Fake Loan Apps Thrive As Authorities Fail To Crackdown, Leaving Consumers Vulnerable

The Probe deep-reports on the dangerous world of fake loan apps and how they lure consumers into despair and trauma with their false promise of easy solutions.

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