The shockwaves of the Taliban ascendancy in Afghanistan are reverberating across the world. The reality of the USA's “strategic defeat”, the stunning capitulation of the Afghan security forces, and the snapping up of Kabul by the Taliban, is still sinking in.

Nayanima Basu of ThePrint, perhaps the only staff reporter from an Indian news organisation in Afghanistan, chronicled events in Kabul, the morning after the Taliban takeover – the atmosphere of terror and uncertainty, Taliban raiding hotels and offices, establishing checkpoints throughout the city and sealing off the Green Zone, the VIP area, where the foreign embassies are situated.

Mojo Story and The Citizen discuss the implications of this geopolitical revolution in Afghanistan on India as it faces its “biggest foreign policy challenge” in years. They also discuss if strategic imperatives dictate that India chooses pragmatism over idealism and does the unthinkable of opening channels with the Taliban, at least as a tactical option.

Article 14 looks at the recent Jantar Mantar hate-speech incident against Muslims and traces a common thread between this event and other incendiary incidents in the recent past in the NCR and Haryana. It concludes that common ingredients in the events were – “common instigators”, police turning mere bystanders, and gatherings, otherwise banned under the pandemic, being allowed.

And, SC Observer examines the record of Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, who retired from the Supreme Court last week. He has been part of several significant cases, including privacy rights, right to life, freedom of speech and equality, amongst others.

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On the roads of Kabul, anxiety, fear, terror & gunshots a day after Taliban take control

ThePrint’s Nayanima Basu reports from Kabul on the situation in the Afghan capital, the morning after the Taliban captured the city, as fear and uncertainty hangs over its citizens.

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Kabul Falls to Taliban, Stone Age returns in Afghanistan | What should India do? | Barkha Dutt

Mojo Story looks at the options that India has, to deal with the rise of the Taliban in Kabul. It discusses what India could do to assist in the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, including giving refuge to a significant number of Afghan citizens in peril, particularly women.

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Of Concern -The US Defeat in Afghanistan

The Citizen examines the Hobson’s choice for India in the Afghan imbroglio and discusses if India has any other option than to “openly, overtly” talk with the Taliban, if only to pass on the message that any “misadventures” on Indian soil, in Kashmir, for instance, will have its consequences.

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Event Calling For Genocide Against Muslims In India’s Capital Latest In An Unhindered Spiral Of Hate Speech

The recent spate of hate-speech rallies against Muslims in Delhi, Haryana and the NCR have common characteristics. Article 14 looks at the seemingly disparate events and analyses the ingredients that string them together.

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Nariman J Retires: 14 Judgments in Which He Shaped the Law

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman retired from the Supreme Court last week after a seven-year tenure. He is one of eight Supreme Court judges who have been elevated directly from the Bar and has been part of several significant cases. SC Observer profiles his record.

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More from the grantees
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Feminism in India looks at the recommendations submitted by a government task force for increasing the age of marriage for women in an attempt to combat malnutrition. It argues that while the move is welcome, it requires consultation and effective implementation, besides addressing financial and caste-based disparities.
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