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In 1978, over 44 years ago, the 44th Constitutional Amendment was passed which sought to walk back some of the “regressive” constitutional changes made during the Emergency of 1975-77 through the 42nd Amendment. The 44th Amendment largely sought to ensure that future governments will find it especially hard to curtail citizens’ personal liberty.

However, as The India Forum points out, while all Constitutional changes in the 44th Amendment were enforced, the one dealing with improvements in the preventive detention framework has been on the back burner for more than four decades. This has emboldened both the Centre and the States to unleash the “evil” of preventive detention with impunity and scant regard for citizens’ rights.

The Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), as the name suggests, face severe challenges. Among them, the Savar tribe’s condition is particularly precarious – weighed down by poverty, limited healthcare and abysmal facilities for learning. Main Bhi Bharat reports from East Singhbhum in Jharkhand on the grim realities that the Savar tribals face.

Teachers in India are grossly undervalued and underpaid. India Development Review argues this is largely because the administrative role they play and the “emotional labour” they employ, beyond the classroom, are largely unaccounted for.

And, last February, the Supreme Court launched the AI-assisted live transcriptions of Constitution bench proceedings on an “experimental basis”. The ambition was to “record every word and argument” so that it will be available for “all times to come”. However, the Supreme Court Observer points out that the output has been below par and has lost steam – with transcripts available only for 36% of the Constitution Bench hearings since its launch.

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Improving Preventive Detention Laws

The India Forum points out that while most provisions of the 44th Amendment to the Constitution have been enforced, the critical one on the reform of preventive detention has been ignored.

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भूख सबर को लील रही है

Main Bhi Bharat reports on the unenviable plight of the Savar tribals, a particularly vulnerable group, in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district.

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How can teachers’ well-being be promoted?

The effort that a teacher puts in beyond the classroom - “emotional labour” - is overlooked and undervalued in India, says India Development Review.

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SC’s Live Transcription Project: A Failed Experiment?

The Supreme Court has sought to institute AI-assisted live transcriptions of Constitutional bench proceedings. Supreme Court Observer takes stock of the effort.

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