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‘Workplace violence’ against doctors -- by patients’ relatives, local goons and even the police -- which peaked during the pandemic in India, has now reached alarming proportions. A study by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) reveals that 75 per cent of doctors in India have faced violence in some form. Mojo Story reports on this dangerous trend of intimidation of doctors who are at the frontline of India’s healthcare system.

There is a new battle in Kashmir that threatens to further widen the cultural cleavages between Muslims and Hindus in the Valley, over which script Kashmiri should be written in -- the Perso-Arabic ‘Nastaliq’ or the Devanagari? While the Kashmiri Hindu groups argue that the Devanagari script democratises the Kashmiri language, the Muslim groups contend that it is “another assault” on their identity. ThePrint investigates the controversy.

In a first of its kind order, the Delhi High Court, on May 11, directed the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) which sought to block a satire website to share its Order with its founder. MediaNama says that this direction by the Court asking the Ministry to furnish its order is “unprecedented”, as up until now MeitY’s takedown orders under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000, have been shrouded in secrecy.

And, to mark the International Biodiversity Day last week, Down To Earth looks at the choice between the ‘fortress’ and the ‘community-based’ conservation models. It argues that while the first excludes and alienates local people from the effort, the latter integrates human development and biodiversity conservation, where the local communities are made part of the solution.

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“Don’t Treat Us Like Gods”: Inside Growing Violence Against Doctors

Mojo Story delves into the alarming and rising cases of violence against doctors in India’s hospitals by patients’ relatives and others.

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There’s a new Hindu-Muslim conflict in Kashmir—this time over one language, two scripts

ThePrint analyses the furore over the adoption of the Devanagari script in Kashmir over the traditional ‘Nastaliq’; and laments that it has the potential to further divide communities in the Valley.

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In A First, IT Ministry Asked To Share Order For Blocking Website

The Delhi High Court has asked the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to share its takedown order against a satire website with its creator. This, MediaNama says, is unprecedented as such orders have been kept under wraps in the past.

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Which way ahead for biodiversity conservation? Answer may lie in communities

Conservation models that integrate local communities into its fold are more sustainable and effective, Down To Earth argues.

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