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For journalists in Kashmir, practice of their profession has always been daunting. And, incidents in recent months and weeks have seen a further setback to press freedom.

The arrest of website editor Fahad Shah for “glorifying terrorism” has underlined the unprecedented escalation in the level of harassment and intimidation of journalists in the Valley, reports Article 14. Raids, frequent summons and the filing of cases against scribes have become living realities. The fear is so real and forbidding that “bylines and tweets have disappeared”.

India’s forests have always had a precarious existence. An analysis by Down To Earth shows that we are on the edge of the precipice. The magazine’s deep dive into India’s State of Forest Report 2021, published by the Forest Survey of India reveals that 34 per cent of India’s forest cover, an area the size of Uttar Pradesh, is “missing”!

As the decks are being cleared for LIC’s IPO, Swarajya emphasises that the government should desist from meddling in its affairs after the divestment. The Corporation must be allowed to make its own decisions without nudges and winks from North Block.

In the 1960s, India was an international basket case, staring at food shortages and living on dole-outs from the West. In a fascinating tale, ThePrint chronicles how India transformed its agriculture and became surplus in food grains by the end of the decade, with the help of “Science, Swaminathan and Subramanian”.

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With Arrest of Editor After Reporting Both Sides Of Story, Govt Escalates Criminalisation Of Journalism In Kashmir

Article 14 reports on the unprecedented crackdown on the media in the Valley, with arrests, intimidation and summons the norm.

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India’s ‘missing’ forests: DTE analysis exposes big gap in latest national forest survey estimates

An analysis by Down To Earth reveals that almost 26 million hectares of India’s forests are “missing” – a 34 per cent gap between what is ‘recorded’ as forest area and the actual forest cover on the ground. The story also provides a link to the full report.

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Before IPO, Government Must Ringfence LIC From Its Own Future Follies

Swarajya argues that the government must ensure that LIC works as an independent corporate entity without interference and take its own commercial decisions without pressure from the government.

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Hungry India, a nawabi US President, ‘Mexican blood’ — The real story of Green Revolution

ThePrint traces India’s fightback against severe food shortages in the 1960s, from a ship-to-mouth existence, to emerge as a country that was then struggling to find storage space for its food surplus by the end of the decade.

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