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As we enter a new year, just months from a crucial general election, critical institutions, especially the Supreme Court and the Election Commission, are primed to play a defining role. In the year gone by, the apex court has been credited with some far-reaching judgements.

Be it the abrogation of Article 370, same-sex marriage rights, or the right of the terminally ill to die with dignity, the Supreme Court has been at the frontline of the nation's consciousness. The Supreme Court Observer analyses the ten judgements in 2023 that go beyond the immediate and are slated to impact issues and events in the years to come.

Like every year, data from the National Crime Records Bureau provide an insight into the status of our cities in terms of safety, among other things. The just-released report finds Kolkata to be the safest city in India for the third year running, with the least recorded 'serious crimes’ per lakh of population. MojoStory goes to the ground in Kolkata to perform a reality check on how safe is the safest of India's cities.

There is a treasure trove of native and traditional wisdom in India that lies largely unravelled and unstudied. However, the tribals of India, the storehouses of this ancient wisdom, carry this traditional knowledge from generation to generation without a structured handover. मैं भी भारत travels to the jungles of Dindori in Madhya Pradesh, where the Baiga Adivasis harvest the cornucopia of medicines right from the forests.

India is a young country, with sixty-five per cent of Indians under the age of 35. However, in India's southern tip, in the state of Kerala, it is the increasingly high proportion of senior citizens and the below-par infrastructure to cater to their unique needs, that is causing anxiety. In Kerala, the state with the highest population of citizens over 60 in the country, the proportion of the elderly is put at 16.5 per cent, as against the national average of 10.5 per cent.

Low fertility rates, longer life spans and migration of its youth to other lands for livelihoods, etc., means that Kerala is staring at a 'geriatric challenge.' TrueCopy Think documents the travails of the senior citizens and what can be done to make its cities more elderly-friendly.

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