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Kashmir has witnessed a spate of wanton killing of civilians from non-local, migrant communities in recent weeks. These targeted attacks have triggered fears of a repeat of the horrific years of the 1990s, when terrorism ensured that the minority community in the Valley – largely the Kashmiri Pandits - were forced to evacuate from Kashmir.

Terming the situation in the Valley “ominous”, Kashmir Observer cautions that instead of draconian counter-measures, the Centre would do well to begin to address the factors that have fuelled alienation and terrorism. In Kashmir, expecting the majority community to issue “stock condemnations” to protest the killings is futile - as the “majority is as helpless as the minority community”.

Mojo Story discusses the dire situation in the Valley, and the fears and anxieties it generates. As the ghosts of the exodus three decades ago come visiting, a palpable sense of hopelessness pervades the migrants and minorities.

Article 14 tells the story of how 34-year-old DD Santosh’s protest at being refused coffee at a local eatery in Dindagur in Karnataka’s Hassan turned into a movement that eventually paved the way for the entry of Dalits into temples in the village.

Redi, the village on the Konkan coast in Maharashtra has been a centre of iron-ore mining. However, rampant disregard of norms, as The Bastion highlights, is increasingly turning mining into a health and environmental hazard for its residents.

And, Down To Earth reports that as part of a special effort to fight the high prevalence of malnutrition in Rajnandgaon district in Chhattisgarh, the local government is serving four meals a day to children through the anganwadis. A first for the state.

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More Killings

Lamenting the spate of killings in the Valley, Kashmir Observer explains that unless there is real political and social outreach, the situation will continue to deteriorate with little hope for peace. It argues that the ball is squarely in the government’s court to salvage the situation.

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Kashmir | Back to the nineties as another exodus begins, this time of Migrant workers

Targeted killings of minorities and migrant workers continued unabated in the Valley last week, taking the number of civilians killed this month to 11. Mojo Story discusses the fears of a second exodus of minorities from Kashmir, akin to what happened three decades ago.

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How Denial Of Coffee To Santosh D D Ended In Dalits Entering Temples For The First Time In A Karnataka Village

Article 14 narrates the story of how a Dalit man’s refusal to accept discrimination forced the local government in Dindagur village in Hassan district of Karnataka to open the doors of local temples for the first time to members of his community.

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The Impacts of Unsustainable Iron Ore Mining on Redi, The Last Village on Maharashtra’s Konkan Coast

The Bastion studies the impact of iron ore mining in Redi, a village on the coast of Maharashtra’s Western Ghats and finds that the mining has impacted the ecology, the environment, and health of the residents.

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Fighting malnutrition, 4 meals a day: Chhattisgarh’s Rajnandgaon shows the way

Down To Earth reports on how a district in Chhattisgarh is effectively tackling malnutrition by serving four meals a day, for the first time in the state, to malnourished children through anganwadis.

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More from the grantees
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Distress and Danger in Kashmir
The India Forum looks at the recent developments in Kashmir through the prism of “misery” that the Kashmiri population have been through since the writing down of Article 370 - the daily and routine filing of illegal detentions, summons to police stations, filing of charges etc. Now, J&K with 1 per cent of India's population accounts for over one-third of the UAPA cases filed.
Reopening of Schools: Will it able to Compensate Loss of Classroom Learning?
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चित्रकूट: खटवारा गाँव में नहीं हुई महीनों से सफाई, नालियों की भी है कमी |
Khabar Lahariya reports on the filthy state of Khatvara village in Chitrakoot district in MP, where garbage and choked gutters is the norm, as sanitation workers are conspicuous by their absence.

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