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The ongoing protest of India’s medal-winning world champion wrestlers demanding action against their Federation’s chief for what they allege to be sexual assault and harassment, and the apathy and the insensitivity displayed by the government in responding to their obvious distress, has led to much soul searching.

The India Forum argues that the current imbroglio is only symptomatic of a system which is steeped in patriarchy, feudal structures and bigoted attitudes where women are the main victims. The athletes are publicly feted and their triumphs appropriated by powerful Federation bosses but when it comes to their demand for dignity and respect it is the callousness and brutality of the power structure that greets them.

In Nilambur in Kerala, despite an order by the Supreme Court in 2009, the Adivasis are yet to receive titles that have been mandated to them. The delay in allotting the land has forced 200 families of 18 colonies in Nilambur to go on a protest. TrueCopy Think talks to the protesting tribals and tells the story of how they have been systematically denied the land that is rightfully theirs.

In a ground report from West Singhbhum District of Jharkhand, Main Bhi Bharat delves into the unique institution of ‘Manki Munda’, which governs the Ho tribe through their customary laws. The report highlights the progressive aspects of these laws, which have sustained the community for generations. However, customary law also gives rise to occasional contradictions with contemporary values, which is increasing the need to find a fine balance between the two.

And, Manipur is seemingly perched on the precipice of a civil war and increasingly lurching towards sharper polarisation among ethnic groups with almost 100 killed in the violence and arson so far. None of the measures taken by the state and the Centre seem to help, including the significant deployment of security forces. While the appointment of a judicial inquiry commission headed by a retired Chief Justice has been welcomed, the ‘peace committee’ - designed to begin a dialogue within the communities - says Imphal Free Press, has been a “complete non-starter”.

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Breaking the Silence on the Harm to Sportswomen

The India Forum analyses the blatant abuse and harassment that women athletes in India face, borne of patriarchy and entrenched power structures.

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ഇടതുപക്ഷ സർക്കാറിനുമുന്നിലാണ്, ഭൂമിക്കുവേണ്ടി ഈ ആദിവാസി സമരം

An order of the Supreme Court of India does not seem to be enough for the tribals in Nilambur in Kerala to be given their rights to their land. TrueCopy Think reports from the ground on how the tribals are systematically and callously deprived of their rights.

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मानकी मुंडा - प्रथागत क़ानून में बदलाव कितने ज़रूरी?

The unique customary laws of the Ho tribe in the West Singhbhum District of Jharkhand have served the tribals well. However, as Main Bhi Bharat reports, the Ho tribals would now have to balance their age-old customs and laws with modern values.

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Manipur's Peace Committee - an exercise in futility?

Manipur’s bloody ethnic conflict sees no sign of cessation with almost a hundred dead and 310 injured, with the state and central government seeming bereft of a plan to stem the tide. Imphal Free Press looks at this “abject failure of basic governance”.

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