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Last week’s judgement and the acquittal of Priya Ramani in the MJ Akbar defamation case was a seminal event. By choosing “dignity over reputation”, the Court recognised the horrific impact of sexual harassment and has provided a template for victims to fearlessly call out and take-on the perpetrators.

The Court also laid down the principle that lapse of time, twenty years in this case, neither diminishes the gravity of the harassment nor the immensity of the suffering of the victims.

In a vivid account, The Caravan reports in detail on the scenes from Delhi’s Rouse Avenue court on the historic judgement-day, as it delves into the history of the case and the travails of the defendant in her fight for justice.

In a worrying statistic, Down to Earth points out that as many as three out of every four eligible-health worker in India has not taken the prescribed second jab of the Covid-vaccine, after taking the first, rendering the inoculation ineffective. The story goes into the reasons for this state of affairs.

Janjwar reports on the heroic efforts of 19-year-old Babita Rajput in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh who, with the help of 200 women from her village, literally cut through a hill to get water to her village.

And, Live History India celebrates Ikat, the ancient weaving tradition, and explains the “precise mathematics” that goes into achieving intricate and beautiful designs in textiles.

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Notes on Priya Ramani’s fight for dignity

The Caravan reports from the scene of the judgement, Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court, in the defamation case filed by former Union Minister MJ Akbar against journalist Priya Ramani. It traces the history of the case and examines what it took for the defence team to see that justice is rendered against great odds.

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COVID-19 vaccine: 74% scheduled health workers didn't get second shot

Down to Earth points out that three out of every four eligible healthcare worker in India has not taken the scheduled second-dose of the COVID-19 vaccine since the drive began in the second week of February. This has got the health experts worried as the inoculation is incomplete without both doses being administered. Experts point to ‘vaccine-hesitancy’ and technical glitches in the registration system for this low turn-out.

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19 साल की लड़की के जज्बे ने बदले हालात, 200 महिलाओं की मदद से बुंदेलखंड में पानी की खातिर काट डाला पहाड़

Janjwar reports on the efforts of Babita Rajput who, with the help of 200 women from her village, dug a 107-meter-long trench across a hill to help the villagers gain access to drinking water in the Angroutha village in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

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Ikat: Weave with a Mathematical Twist

Live History India explains the origin and technique of Ikat, the ancient weaving tradition, that uses precise mathematical calculations and designs to achieve intricate and beautiful designs in textiles. The story explains the styles of Ikat weaving - for instance, Patola from Gujarat and Bandha from Odisha.

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Why ‘Online’ Is Not the Way Forward in Education: A Reading List

EPW argues that while it is imperative to bridge the digital divide in online education that has come to the rescue of students during the pandemic lockdown, the continued reliance on online education works against inclusivity and access. It fails to provide space for ‘active teacher–student and student–student socialisation’.

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More from the grantees
Making a Case for a ‘Goldilocks’ Regulation of the Ed-Tech Sector
The Bastion argues that India should take a balanced “goldilocks” approach to regulating the edtech sector that takes into account both the potential of technology to effectively deliver education and issues such as student data privacy, quality of curriculum and teaching among others.
There’s No Logic In Delaying Induction Of Private Parties And Making Covid Vaccines Available For A Price
Swarajya argues that the fight against Covid should not be constrained by a doctrinaire approach to involving the private sector and vaccines should made available for those who can afford and are willing to pay for it.
False claim alleges Disha Ravi hired Akhil Sibal at Rs 5-7 lakh per appearance
Alt News fact-checked a slew of misinformation from prominent social media handles about climate activist Disha Ravi’s legal representation and debunked attempts that tried to show her as insufficiently patriotic.
കൊവിഡില്‍ കാലിടറിയ കൈത്തറി | COVID-19 impact on hand loom sector in Kerala
Asiaville reports on the dire state of the handloom industry in Kerala that was not only adversely affected by the pandemic but is now facing further troubles as the Covid cases in the state surge.
It’s time to compensate women’s unpaid labour
India Development Review argues that there is need to “reduce, redistribute and pay” for the unpaid household work done by women.
Piulong villagers take initiative to save Buning in Manipur
Buning, in Tamenglong district of Manipur, with its mountains and rich bio-diversity is a lure for nature-lovers. But Imphal Free Press reports how this idyllic paradise is facing deforestation and degradation, and how the local villagers are fighting back.
The Curious Case Of Trans* Representation In Media
Feminism in India highlights the misrepresentation of trans-people in the mainstream media. It points out that representation is an essential tool in including historically and systemically marginalised voices into the mainstream.
छत्तरपुर : खुले में शौच को मजबूर महिलाएं, शौचालय के नाम पर सिर्फ आश्वाशन|
Khabar Lahariya reports from Chandrapur village in Chattarpur district of MP where over 300 tribals are living without access to a toilet and basic sanitation.
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