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The arrest of 21-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi by the Delhi police for her role in the “editing” of a social media ‘toolkit’ on the farmers’ protest has raised hackles in the country. In a reasoned and absorbing discussion, the Mojo Story dives deep into the several issues raised by the incarceration – the hurried arrest even before her questioning, the alleged links with a pro-Khalistan organisation and the consequences of such precipitate state action on the role and work of activists.

The recent glacier burst in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district and the loss of lives has set alarm bells ringing in Kashmir. The Kashmir Observer reports that the state’s largest glacier, Kalahoi, is melting rapidly, losing 23% of its area since 1962, and fragmenting into smaller parts, caused by human intervention and burning of biomass.

The recent remark by the Prime Minister that there is an “International conspiracy” to malign the Indian tea-industry led EastMojo to deep-report on the state of tea workers in Assam. What they found was deep anxiety about low wages, lack of land rights and a general condition of deprivation.

The India Forum argues that while strenuous efforts to contain fake news was a step in the right direction, the more critical task was for the media and the journalists themselves to adhere to the highest standards of fact-checking and ethics.

And,ThePrint brings you a deep-investigated story from Meghalaya on the lives that have been lost, and continue to be lost, to illegal mining in the state.

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Disha Ravi Arrested for Greta Thunberg 'Toolkit,' Delhi police claims Khalistani links

The Mojo Story delves into the debate over the arrest of 21-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi by the Delhi police for her role in the “editing” of a social media ‘toolkit’ on the farmers’ protest, made public by environmental activist Greta Thunberg. It discusses the nuances of opinion on the issue and the consequences of this arrest on the work of activists in India.

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Uttarakhand Glacier Burst Shifting Focus on Kashmir’s ‘Melting Ice’

The tragic glacier burst in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district last week, which took scores of lives, has raised alarm bells in Kashmir. The largest glacier in Kashmir, Kalahoi, and the fountainhead of two significant tributaries of river Jhelum – Lidder and Sindh – is melting rapidly, the Kashmir Observer reports.

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Oblivious of conspiracies, Assam's tea garden workers demand better wages

EastMojo spoke with tea workers of Assam’s plantations to document their hardships after the Prime Minister spoke of an “international conspiracy” to defame India’s tea industry. However, what it found was widespread dissatisfaction among workers with regard to their meagre wages, not even sufficient to cover basic expenses like their children's education; and their inability to access the rights to their lands.

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Ruptured Reality: Fact-checks and counter-checks in the truth trade

For all the strenuous fact-checking efforts to weed out fake news, The India Forum argues that unless the media organisations and journalists themselves vigorously adhere to the highest standards of ethics and credibility, all external attempts to clean the ecosystem will be futile.

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Another year, another mining tragedy — why Meghalaya’s ‘rat holes’ won’t stop killing

Two years after 15 miners were killed at an illegal coal mine in Meghalaya, six others lost their lives in another accident at another mine in January. In a deep-reported story ThePrint finds that illegal mining is rampant in Meghalaya, primarily through the precarious rat-hole mines, which require labourers to plumb depths of up to 400-500 feet in search of coal.

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