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As the Covid-19 toll in India shows signs of slowing down, and vaccines on the anvil, attention will now be focussed on the aftermath of the pandemic on the economy. With India registering its worst-ever GDP contraction in history, The Print takes an in-depth look at five critical factors that will determine the state and course of the Indian economy in the coming months.

The antipathy to inter-faith relationships, masquerading as opposition to ‘love jihad,’ has now got legal sanction through an ordinance prohibiting unlawful conversion in Uttar Pradesh. The India Forum argues that far from protecting vulnerable women, the ordinance only seeks to buttress entrenched misogyny, patriarchy and sectarian nationalism.

Live History India discusses the “melting pot of cultures, ideologies and religions that was Kashmir” and EastMojo reports on a village in Assam which stands as a beacon of good local governance and even has its own CM and a Cabinet!

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Where is the Indian economy headed in 2021?

The Print looks at five factors that will determine the state of the Indian Economy. These include the state of the pandemic, the strength of consumer demand, the buoyancy in investments, the quantum of the fiscal deficit and the level of inflation, which it says, will be critical in the course that the Indian economy takes.

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Love Taboos: Controlling Hindu-Muslim Romances

The India Forum examines the issues in the legal outlawing of the so-called ‘love jihad’ through the UP Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance. It concludes that this is just an attempt to impose religious nationalism and misogyny in the guise of protecting women.

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Kashmir’s Forgotten Wonders

Live History India assembles a panel of experts to discuss the rich history of Kashmir. The conflict in the region has eclipsed the significance of Kashmir as a “melting pot of cultures, ideologies and religions”. The speakers assert that there is an urgent and dire need for creating awareness and educating the Kashmiris themselves of this rich heritage and the need for its preservation. This awareness and knowledge of the past could be a starting point towards healing the fissures of the present day.

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This model Assam village has its own CM, who has his own Cabinet

EastMojo reports from Halda village, located about 45 kilometres from Guwahati. The village, with its own “chief minister” and “ministers”, stands out as an example of good local governance. The village council’s pro-active measures have helped farmers realise better output and returns through innovative multi-cropping practices.

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Restricting Third Country Imports - Boom or Bane for India’s Foreign Trade?

India has rolled out new rules to restrict third country imports routed through free-trade agreement partners for availing preferential tariff benefits. However, EPW analyses the new rules and finds that the regulatory and compliance-related burdens of the new rules will burden both import-dependent and value-chain led export-oriented sectors, and make them uncompetitive in global markets.The article explores whether the government’s decision to restrict third country imports is in reality a boon or a bane for India.

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More from the grantees
Can you Speed up Vaccine Approval?
Takshashila Institution discusses India’s vaccine approval process in the case of The Serum Institute’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and whether vaccine approvals should be fast-tracked.
UP : लखनऊ के इंदिरा नगर की इस बस्ती की बदहाली उजागर कर रही योगीराज का सच
Janjwar reports from Indira Nagar, a locality in Lucknow, and highlights its deplorable state that is affecting the lives of its 200-odd residents.
छतरपुर: क्यों बंद होने की कगार पर है हथकरघा उद्योग? | KhabarLahariya
Khabar Lahariya reports on the plight of the Khadi weavers in Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh who lament that their livelihoods are being threatened because of the waning interest in their produce.
Caved-in roofs expose chinks in Kashmir’s architectural armour
The collapsing of house-roofs after a few days of incessant snowfall in Kashmir has sent shockwaves through the Valley and cast doubts on the region’s “modern architecture”. Kashmir Observer reports.
Indian media falsely claims ex-Pak diplomat admits 300 killed in Balakot airstrike
Several mainstream media publications mis-reported that a former Pakistani diplomat admitted to the Balakot airstrike by India causing 300 deaths. Alt News explains that this was entirely based on a doctored video circulated on social media.
How plastic pollution affects camels in the Thar
Down to Earth focuses on how the reckless management of solid waste, especially plastic, is endangering the lives of camels in the Thar desert in Rajasthan.
Women Contribute Hugely In Agriculture, But Are Still Overlooked As ‘Farmers’
Feminism in India analyses why women farmers and agricultural workers continue to be in a disadvantaged position in terms of land rights, equal wages and representation in decision-making.
#BookFair2021 கரோனா காலத்தில் புத்தக விற்பனை அதிகரித்திருக்கிறது! Asiaville Ground Report
Asiaville speaks to leading booksellers in Chennai who tell the tale of how they managed to beat the pandemic downturn by going online.
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