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Inside India’s increasing testing numbers and the plummeting Covid-19 positivity rate is buried a dark secret – the increasing inefficacy of the testing. The Ken reports that too many positive cases are slipping through the testing net as the governments have resorted to the less accurate ‘antigen tests’ rather than employing the RT-PCR, the ‘gold standard’.

The Lede reports on how the uncertainties caused by the pandemic and the unbending attitude of the institutions have taken a heavy toll on the mental health of the students. And, Feminism in India analyses the criticality of creating a comprehensive ‘social-emotional learning curriculum’ that enables children to cope with the stress of the lockdown.

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India's 49 million Covid tests hide more than they reveal

The Ken reports that India’s testing regime, many months into the pandemic is still a work in progress. The states have increasingly relied on the less accurate rapid-antigen tests which give quicker results, without ramping up the more accurate RT-PCR tests. The story argues that this could leave many infections undetected and generate a sense of misplaced complacency.

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Mental Health Concerns Peak Among Students Over Uncertain Times & Policies

The Lede speaks with students and mental health experts to find how anxieties over COVID-19 infections, a weakened financial situation, connectivity issues and uncertainty over competitive exams are causing severe stress and leading to mental health issues in students.

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COVID-19: Why Is Social-Emotional Learning Important For Children

Feminism in India highlights the imperative for creating a comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum that enables children to understand and cope with the challenging times they are facing. The story focuses on the need to build a curriculum that makes children recognise their feelings and emotions and strives to provide tools to address them.

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Post COVID-19 pandemic: Hybrid-work model in the new-normal

The pandemic has paved the way for a hybrid work model. This was welcomed as a respite from the usual and promised to contribute to increased productivity and a better work-life balance. However, things have not panned out exactly that way. Down to Earth analyses the issues.

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‘We’re Treated as Labourers’: Endless Woes of Kashmir’s Private Teachers

In multiple lockdowns that have hit Kashmir, one of the most impacted have been the community of private teachers. Kashmir Observer reports on the plight of these teachers who have been unpaid and uncared for, particularly since the advent of the Coronavirus.

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