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We all know Kashmir has had more than its fair share of discord and conflict through the years. Now, the COVID-19 lockdown has added to its miseries. The beekeepers of Kashmir are distraught, with the Coronavirus disruption ensuring that the there are no takers for one of the UT’s most benign offerings - honey, the Kashmir Observer reports.

The Ken reports on how ‘Swayam’, India’s Massive Open Online Course, which could have played a critical role in higher education, during the pandemic, is in shambles. And, Asiaville chronicles the plight of the handloom weavers in Tamil Nadu under the lockdown, palpably adrift and alone.

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Sunil Rajshekhar

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‘Lockdown Has Broken the Backbone of J&K’s Beekeeping Industry’

Kashmir constitutes one of the most important beekeeping zones in the country with an ideal climate providing pollen and nectar for most parts of the year, providing livelihood to a sizeable number of local citizens. But not this time. With the lockdown in place and the markets shut, the industry has been brought to its knees, the Kashmir Observer reports.

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Swayam’s missed opportunity to be a Covid-19 remedy for higher education

Swayam, India’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, was slated to play a critical role in supporting institutes of higher learning. It could have provided a quality alternative for online classes in the current lockdown. Unfortunately, Swayam has come to be known for its outdated content, less than exhilarating lectures, issues in accessibility and its low quality of teaching. The Ken reports on why things have come to such a pass and calls for an urgent revamp.

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முதல்ல ஜிஎஸ்டி இப்போ கரோனா | கூலி இழக்கும் நெசவாளர்கள் | Asiaville Ground Report

The weaver community in Tamil Nadu has been one of the hardest hit during the lockdown. Earlier, they bore the brunt of inflation, the GST disruption and the general apathy on part of the government in addressing their issues. And, now the lockdown has resulted in a drastic decline in their wages. The feeling of being adrift, without any support, is palpable. Asiaville chronicles their plight.

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How Jaipur Has Kept Its Health Workers Motivated Through The Pandemic

Across the country, public hospitals mismanaged their staffing during the course of the pandemic creating extremely harsh working conditions for healthcare professionals. However, there have been a few who have been able to effectively deal with the situation. IndiaSpend highlights the case of Rajasthan University of Health Sciences which addressed operational concerns by avoiding payment delays, efficiently provided PPEs and proactively managed workloads to keep things running smoothly.

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A day in the life of: An occupational therapist

The pandemic has been tough on children without disabilities. For those with intellectual and development disabilities, it has been enormously tougher. They require need-based assistance without which they are in danger of being marginalised and excluded. India Development Review brings you a first-hand account of an occupational therapist who has used innovative ways to make sure that the therapy needs of students she works with are not compromised.

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